Droozy loved West Virginia, especially the hills which she, her sister and brother would explore. The town of Weirton was the first place where Papa found work. He had been sent there by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. This was an organization that helped refugees find a way to support themselves.  

Droozy would wander into the hills and admire the beauty of the trees, the many flowers that would peek out of the ground. They were yellow, red and blue. She liked the steel blue blossoms that marked the fall season and the daffodils that announced the spring, the lilac that smelled so divine and even the dandelions that people called weeds. Droozy would watch the birds flying in perfect symmetry across the blue horizon. She would listen as the crickets chirped in the grass and every so often she would catch one and hold it in her hands for a few seconds until it would hop away very gracefully. She would climb the hills and sit among the plants and flowers and daydream.

When September rolled around the Labor Day holiday was celebrated with a pageant - a big celebration - which took place in the town’s football field. The band would play John Phillip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever. This would thrill Droozy; it would make her feel so patriotic. She would clap her hands, tap her feet to the music and hum along with the crowd. She would look up at the surrounding hills and would think of the beautiful State song which to her described the glory of the State in which Droozy had found a new beginning. She would often sing this song while lying on her back in those mountains watching the sun make patterns: “Oh the West Virginia Hills, how majestic and how grand, with their summits bathed in glory, like our prince Emanuel’s land. Is it any wonder then that my heart with rapture fills, as I stand once more with loved ones on those West Virginia Hills. Oh the hills, beautiful hills, how I love those West Virginia hills.  If over sea or land I roam, still I’ll think of happy home, and those friends among the West Virginia hills.”

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