Suse Puppe was a beautiful doll that had been given to Droozy and Fanny by their beloved aunt Fine. Droozy loved the doll so much because Fine was very special to her. She was an invalid in a convalescent home who must have saved her meager income for years in order to buy her nieces this exquisite doll. Suse was big. She had real hair and large eyes with long eyelashes which opened and closed. She was made of fine porcelain, pink and delicate. She became Droozy’s constant companion. Suse would get up when Droozy did and she would go to bed with her. She would cradle the doll in her arms, would speak to her, would dress and undress her and would tell her her deepest secrets. Suse would always listen. She wouldn’t criticize or disagree. She would cuddle and allow herself to be cuddled. She was a special toy, almost human, almost a real baby. Droozy would pretend that Suse Puppe was a kind good sister, a good friend.

Every morning after Droozy got up she would wash the face of her doll and she would redress her in one of her three doll outfits. Fanny was not as excited about Suse so Droozy frequently had her to herself.  Sometimes it almost seemed that Suse Puppe was speaking to Droozy. Mama would sometimes give the girls a scrap or two of material to wrap around their doll. It was so much fun to be able to do so many things with and for Suse. The doll had a calming influence over the two sisters and they rarely fought over her.

One day when Droozy came home from school she found her Suse missing from her accustomed place. She searched everywhere. She looked at her two year old brother, who had a sheepish grin on his face. On the floor near him was a torso of Suse, her arms had been torn out, her head was in another place. There was no way of putting her together; she was damaged and smashed to pieces. Droozy was very angry and extremely sad. Her Suse Puppe was gone forever!

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