It was Easter in the gentile world in which little Droozy lived. Some kind soul gave her a red sugar Easter rabbit. It looked so delicious Droozy’s mouth watered. She would hold it and admire it for a while before she would unwrap the cellophane paper and take a lick of that delicious bunny.

While she happily looked at her gift a group of neighborhood girls invited her into a room in one of their houses “just to play”. She ascended a long flight of stairs with these children into an almost empty room. As soon as she entered they stole her rabbit from her and locked her into the place alone. Droozy was very frightened. She walked up and down and finally became tired and crouched into a corner where she sat with her head leaning on her arms. It seemed like forever that she was there. She thought of Mama and Papa and what they would say if she couldn’t be found. Big tears rolled down her face. She quietly sobbed and voicelessly spoke the words Mama and Papa over and over again, begging the invisible G’d to have them find her. It seemed like hours when she heard a key turn in the lock and the door was opened. She rushed down the stairs, down the tree-lined street into her familiar home. All the time that she was running she thought about her raspberry red rabbit who by now had surely been eaten by those thieves who had tricked and kidnapped her.

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