Droozy and sister Fanny had a wonderful day at the beach. Their mother had just bought them season tickets, and this was the very first time that they used them. They had cost a “pretty penny” and money was scarce in the Abner household. The day had been a beautiful one with the bright yellow sun spreading its glowing rays on the happy carefree bathers.  

Fanny and Droozy had especially enjoyed digging holes into the sand and burying their feet and legs in the warm comforting dirt. The water was a pleasure and beckoned the children with its blue-green radiance. In and out Droozy jumped with the waves, then back to the sand and into the water again. When the red glow of late afternoon began to appear in the clear blue sky, Droozy knew it was time to go home. The sisters gathered their belongings, went into the bathhouse to change out of their wet suits, to shower and dress, only to find that they had lost their season pass. They scanned the area, timidly asked the matron in charge if she had found their treasure, but to no avail. By this time both girls were frightened, tired and weary. After several hours of futile searching, they decided to go home.

As they neared their house their father was visible with a carpet beater. Droozy was gripped by an overwhelming fright. She ran around the block and hid in a chicken coop which was near her home. She could hear the loud shrieks of her mother condemning Fanny for her misdeed: “Don’t you know we were waiting for you? We thought you had been kidnapped. You horrible thoughtless children, you will be a nail to my coffin.” Droozy also heard sister screaming as the rug beater did its work. In the excitement they completely seemed to have forgotten the existence of Droozy, who was determined to remain in her advantageous position until “all was quiet on the Abner front.”

When some time had elapsed, mother came out and called Droozy by name. There was no answer. Mother then promised that the child would be spared a spanking if only she would put in her appearance. Droozy came out of hiding since she could always depend on mother’s promises. All was well, but swimming ended for the girls that season.

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