Friday evening was an important time in the life of the Abner family. Although they were poor, the Sabbath was always celebrated with chicken, home-baked challah and Mama’s delicious steaming noodle soup. Mama would put on her crisp clean flowered cotton dress and with her hands over her eyes she would bless the candles in her mother’s antique silver candlesticks. Papa would make the Kiddush and although his voice was not that of an opera star it sounded divine to Droozy and her siblings.

After dinner Droozy, Fanny and Benjamin were invited to the Ben Dovid’s house where there was always a treat to be had. Meyer Yale was a year or two older than Benjy and Shoshana liked talking to sister Fanny while Droozy just enjoyed the comfortable living room chair in which she could lean back and enjoy listening to Shoshana.

The best part of the evening was the treat that Mr. Ben Dovid would offer the children. He would always ask, “Do you want a piece of peanut brittle or half a stick of gum?” What a difficult decision that was for the children. They really wanted both. The peanut brittle looked so crunchy and delicious; it had come from Mr. Ben Dovid’s grocery store. The gum, however, looked very inviting, especially since it would last a long time and could be chewed all evening. Droozy thought for a few moments and then usually chose the gum, which she would chew noisily and with gusto until it was time to return to her home across the street.

One Friday night when the children were visiting their friends Mr. Ben Dovid made his usual offer of peanut brittle or gum. After Fanny had chosen the peanut brittle as had Benjamin, Droozy accepted her usual gum. Mr. Ben Dovid then followed up his generosity with a song in Yiddish: “Beautiful is the Gypsy life, they only want to take and never to give.” It did not take long before Droozy understood the meaning of these words. To her it meant that she was a beggar. This hurt the child so much that she never accepted the Ben Dovids’ treats again.

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