Droozy loved to eat. She had many favorite foods. Sometimes Mama would fry spaghetti for dinner. She would place the long strands of cooked dough into a large pan of chicken fat and let them bake in the oven until they were a golden brown. How delicious they tasted as the children crunched on this scrumptious dish. Grieben were an equally favorite treat. They were pieces of chicken, duck or goose skin which had been baked to a crisp.

Ice cream was a treat that had no seasons. Droozy would eat it at any time of the year. It was usually brought out at birthday times or during the summer when it was very hot outside. The cones were Droozy’s favorites. There were long cones shaped like pointed hats, there were those that were shaped like sail boats and those with square bottoms. When she first came to America she could buy a double dip cone for five cents. That was a lot of money then and ice cream cones were a very special treat. There were so many different flavors to choose from that hard decisions had to be made. Droozy usually walked away with one scoop of strawberry and one of nut ice cream. She would enjoy every delicious lick. It was especially fun when she was accompanied by her mother or a girlfriend and they would take a walk together while enjoying their treat.

Potato chips and soda pop were a fun food that Droozy and her young brother would share whenever Droozy had earned a little money. Potato chips were a strictly American food that she had not seen in Germany.

Droozy often thought back of her last year in Breslau, before the Escape, when her aunt Mathilde hid food to ascertain that the family would not starve in days or weeks to come. Food was scarce and the Jewish people were able to buy very little. The hard boiled eggs that had been stashed away were often weeks old before they were eaten. They smelled so bad of sulphur that it was almost impossible to swallow them without holding one’s breath. The plentiful good things to eat that were there for Droozy and her family in America were unimagined before they entered their adopted country.

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