Shirley Temple was Droozy’s heroine. Her corkscrew curls and dimpled smile were so beautiful! The way she rolled her eyes with their long eyelashes were something to see! This little girl with her dancing feet and sunny smile, twirling her baton, was something to behold. Oh how Droozy wished she could do and be all that the little actress was. After all, Droozy and Shirley were the same age. Droozy’s hair could be twisted into curls and her large green eyes were very expressive under her thick black lashes.

When no one was looking Droozy would stand in front of the mirror and roll her eyes. Even her sister was impressed when she spotted Droozy exercising her saucer-like eyes. She would frequently ask Droozy to “make Temple eyes.” Droozy would happily oblige and entertain her sister, imitating her movie star idol.

One day Droozy and Fanny visited a nearby variety store which had all kinds of interesting items for sale. One was a toy accordion which Droozy had always longed for. She wanted so much to be an accordion player like her friend Ruth Landauer. She bought the instrument and went home with it. She opened the bag, took out her prized possession and began to play. Only three notes could be created when Droozy opened and closed the accordion. What a disappointment. This toy did not make music, only a loud screeching ugly noise. Droozy had emptied her purse of its contents for this noise maker and had spent her whole dollar on a worthless toy.

Hesitantly she went back to the variety store and with great fear and trepidation she asked the clerk if she could return her hard earned money. She was told that this was quite impossible but she could exchange the accordion toy for something else. Droozy looked over all of the interesting toys that could be had but some cost much more than the accordion and others did not cost as much. After a thorough search Droozy’s eyes rested on a brooch that had Shirley Temple’s head made out of metal. You could push a lever back and forth and Shirley’s eyes would roll all around in her head. What a find! It didn’t take much thought before Droozy traded her original purchase for a likeness of her beloved idol. From that day forward the image of the Shirley Temple eyes and Droozy were inseparable!

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