The Holidays Cove candy store was a fascinating place. Droozy loved to go there. It was a small place near Edgewood Elementary School. She discovered it soon after arriving in Weirton. Whenever she had a few cents from the sale of milk bottles she would visit the store after school.

Behind glass enclosures under the wooden counters so many varieties of candy could be seen. There were the red and white peppermint wheels, the chocolate Holloway suckers in their see through cellophane paper, packages of yellow butterscotch rounds, chocolate drops in a bin, bubble gum wrapped in colorful paper, chocolate bars stacked neatly in rows, many varieties of packaged chewing gum and much much more.

School children would crowd into that little store after school and often it was difficult to get near the counters to look at those delicious sweets.

Droozy stood in that scrumptious corner store in front of the counter deciding what to buy. She had five cents in her hand which were tightly enclosed in her clenched fist lest she drop one. She carefully looked over the sweet tempting variety of good desserts. She gave it much thought. In her mind she could just taste the Holloway suckers which were oblong on a stick and which lasted a long time and were so good melting slowly on the tongue. There was the bubble gum, pink and chewy and it was fun blowing bubbles as she walked home from school. Inside the outer layer of paper there was a small funny paper sheet which was wrapped around the pink blob of gum. There was always some exciting adventure printed on that sheet which made the walk home seem shorter. Then there were the packages of caramels. There were ten separate square caramels tightly placed in each cardboard package. Some of the packages were filled with plain caramels, others with chocolate flavored ones and still others held a mixture of both varieties.

A hard decision had to be made. Droozy thought and thought. She couldn’t have everything she wanted. She needed to choose one or the other of those sweet temptations. When Droozy’s turn came to be waited on by the candy store owner, a pleasant man, he asked for her decision. It was a difficult one. After some thought she decided to choose the package of mixed caramels. There were ten of them and she would have much pleasure letting one after another slowly melt on her tongue. She could also save one or two for her little brother who would enjoy the gooey chews. Having given the man one of her pennies, she happily went on her way.

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