The telephone rang in Mr. Landauer’s living room where Papa and he were playing cards. Mrs. Landauer answered it and called Papa to the phone. Droozy watched him with eager eyes because telephone calls were unusual in her life. Her parents did not have one of those fascinating instruments in their home like their landlord did.

          Suddenly her Papa jumped up with joy and shouted: “It’s a boy, it’s a boy!” Soon Droozy and Fanny joined him in hopping up and down with glee. Mr. Abner could not in his wildest dreams believe that his wife had given birth to a son. This child would carry on his name; thus Papa would be remembered in the hereafter.

Before dawn on the eighth day after Benjamin’s birth, Papa packed up his two daughters and drove to Fuehrt, a small town in which a Jewish hospital was located, to be present for the circumcision. It was so exciting that Droozy brimmed with glee in anticipation of seeing the new little person that had come into their lives.

It was so exciting to see Mama lying in the big hospital bed, crisp white sheets covering her, her black braids looking very dark against the gleaming snow-white pillows. Mama looked a little tired but happy as she opened her arms to her young daughters. Both girls were very curious and asked many questions about the new addition. Most of all they wanted to see him right away.

It wasn’t long before the nurse led Papa and daughters toward a nursery where many babies were lying in small baskets. The most beautiful baby of all was their little son and brother. He was round cheeked and wasn’t crying like so many of the others were. Droozy longed very much to hold him but she knew she would have to wait until Mama and Baby would come home.

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