Mrs. Epstein was the dearest friend of Droozy’s mother. She wore a red wig which looked almost grotesque, as it was so ill-fitting that it slipped and slid all over her shaven head. She was a woman in her late fifties who liked children only if they were well behaved and sat like statues, quietly being seen, not heard.

It was Mrs. Abner’s custom to take her two daughters visiting on the Sabbath afternoon. This day it was Mrs. Epstein’s turn to receive her visitors. The house which the Epsteins occupied was spotlessly clean and a snow white tablecloth decked the dining room table. On it four plates, knives, forks and spoons had been placed and a large juicy blueberry cake sat on a festive platter in the center of the table. Mrs. Epstein carefully cut an oblong slice of this delicacy for each of her guests and herself.  Droozy could hardly wait through the endless conversation to sink her teeth into the delicate, fruity pastry. After delicious anticipation, family and friend were at last seated around the dining room table. Fanny sat patiently while Droozy picked up her knife and fork and began to cut. With one big horrible swoop a morsel of the blueberry cake flew into the air and unto the gleaming white tablecloth, leaving a large blue stain. Droozy’s mother was terribly apologetic, excusing herself many times to her friend in attempting to undo the damage through humble conversation. Mrs. Epstein smiled a saccharine smile, said she understands that children will drop and spill food, and assured her guests that she would most certainly be able to undo the damage with a little soap and water. Droozy trembled as she cut the next bite. This piece missed the plate and ended on the wall. Mrs. Epstein’s muscles tightened and her smile was full of anger and dismay. Mrs. Abner quickly gathered up her brood, apologized again and again and said that she was having to leave as she was expected at home. Droozy sheepishly wrapped the remainder of her blueberry cake into her handkerchief and enjoyed every juicy bite of it on the way home.

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