German class was fun. That was especially so since Droozy was sometimes asked to take over and teach the class. She felt so good being the teacher when the German teacher was out for a few times during the year. Droozy was the star student since German was her native tongue and she could shine when she correctly pronounced all of those hard to pronounce words with such ease. “Ich” (I) was very difficult for her classmates to say. It usually came out “ek” and created a lot of hilarious laughter.

Equally fun was the drama class since they put on plays regularly in the auditorium for the whole school to see. Droozy loved playing many parts since she could be someone other than herself. She was able to portray villains, noble ladies, witches, beautiful princesses and a host of other characters. Although she always yearned to be the leading lady in the play which was being studied, she never was fortunate enough to be chosen.

One cay when Droozy least expected it the German and drama classes decided to put together a play. It was to be called RED RIDING HOOD AND THE WOLF. There were many tryouts and many classmates practiced for the parts. As luck would have it Droozy was chosen for the leading role. She became Red Riding Hood. The boy who played the main part, that of the Wolf, was a tall slim blond boy, the brightest, most gifted student in the whole school. Gard was a delight and Droozy fell instantly in love with him. He was so much fun! When the big day arrived,  the day that the performance was to take place, Droozy’s heart raced with joy. She could hardly believe her good fortune. The lights in the auditorium were extinguished, the black velvet curtains on the stage were drawn open and there stood Droozy with her white skirt, red cape and dancing patent leather shoes. She looked at the sea of faces in the audience and for a moment she felt a little scared. This feeling soon vanished and she was no longer Droozy but the real Red Riding Hood talking to the very convincing Wolf who tried to persuade her to do evil deeds. The show was on! What a thrill for Droozy and her fellow actor. When the play came to an end and the curtain came down on the stage the applause filled the auditorium. It was a thrilling experience that Droozy would never ever forget.

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