Droozy was awakened by a knock on the door. Two very tall Nazis entered her bedroom and commanded her to take off her nightgown. “Move you dirty garlic stinking Jew brat!” they shouted. She wanted to tell them that she had never eaten garlic. When she tried to say something words would not come out of her mouth. When she hesitated the men tore the gown off her body. Standing there naked they jabbed her with a sword into the center of her back. They marched her screaming down three flights of stairs and out into the icy winter. The snow lay heavily on the ground and the white flakes were falling so fast it was difficult to see. Droozy was dragged down many streets until the three reached a corner where many Nazis stood with dogs who barked and jumped at her nipping at her bare legs. Droozy’s heart pounded, she was shivering from the cold. It felt as if her body were a block of ice, frozen from head to feet. She could feel the blood trickling from her legs where the dogs had taken a bite. She was shoved into a dark van where other naked and half dressed people were sitting and standing. Some wept some screamed, others prayed the “Schemah” in whispers: “Hear Oh Israel, The Lord Our G’d, The Lord Is One.” “Help me help me G’d,” cried Droozy. After what seemed like an endless ride all passengers were pushed out of the darkened van. They stood in a railroad station waiting. They were herded together with the Nazis cracking whips across their bare bodies. In spite of the cold Droozy could feel the sharp pain of the whip across the back of her thighs. It hurt so much and she was so cold she felt as if she could no longer breathe. Soon a cattle car came along. It had no windows. The doors opened and that gang of naked children and grown ups were pushed up the steps into the train. It was so crowded in there that they stood body to body. The doors closed and Droozy fell against an unknown being in that dark, dark place. Droozy had to urinate but there was nowhere to go. After a number of hours she could no longer retain her urine. The smell in that train was putrid with urine and feces. Suddenly the train came to a halt. There were shouts coming from the outside. The door opened. Many of the passengers fell out into the street below. Droozy landed on the sidewalk. Dogs and Nazis herded that naked group into a large barrack. The morning was gray and foggy. Nazi soldiers shouted that they would all have to clean themselves before anything else would happen. Droozy was almost paralyzed with fright. She could barely move. She was handed a piece of soap and marched outside into a row of other people. One by one the people were moved into what looked like an enormous flat building. It was Droozy’s turn to enter. Droozy screamed “Mama, Mama” but Mama wasn’t there, she was nowhere. Droozy was without her beloved parents, without anyone she knew. She was alone in a strange world where no one would rescue her. She went into the barrack when the doors shut. A strange pungent odor permeated the air, not just of putrid bodies but of a strong gas. It was but seconds later when Droozy felt her throat close. She grabbed at her neck with her hands but it did not help. She gasped for breath, she wheezed, no air would come through her nose or mouth. She gasped, wheezed and gasped again and again until she finally fell in a lifeless heap to the floor.

Droozy awoke. She was drenched with sweat, tears rolling down her face. She was lying safely in her warm bed tucked under her white feather cover.

Pork Dumplings
Please Don't Eat the Goldfish
Pretty Shoes
Blueberry Cake
The Garden
The Red Rabbit
The Lost Bathing Tickets
What Shall I Do?  The Double Message
Pieces of Gold
Aromas of the Sabbath
The Birth of a Brother
Green Apples
Herr Kübler
The Broken Leg
Boarding School
The American Calendar
Suse Puppe
Shirley Temple Eyes
Kristallnacht Nov. 9, 10, 11
Aunt (Tante) Mathilde
Ice Skates
The Cologne Cathedral
The Escape
A Belgian Holiday
Gas Balloons and the S. S. Washington
The Statue
A Bad Dream
A Pencil Thief
The West Virginia Hills
Ice Cream, Grieben and Baked Spaghetti
The Gypsy’s Song
Venetian Blinds
The Deaf One
Dimmed Lights
Norma Mae
The Spelling Bee
Run, Thief, Run!
The Candy Store
The Birthday Party
Deep, Shallow Waters
Red Riding Hood
Small Mama
Droozy In Love
Eskimo Pies
Apple Picking Time
Working Days
Easter Baskets
Blind Joe
Lessons Learned From Parents
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