In eighth grade Droozy was the star of her class. She had straight A’s. All the teachers praised her. She had one that she liked most of all - her history teacher Frank Endry. She loved him. He was so tall and so handsome. He had wavy brown hair, beautiful deer eyes and a beautiful dimpled smile. Droozy would follow him with her eyes. She watched his every move and hung on to every word he said. Sometimes he smiled her way and the thirteen year old Droozy would almost melt with joy.

Droozy made sure that she knew all of her history so that she would be noticed. In fact, Mr. Endry wrote a note in her autograph book which said: “You’re a grand student,  keep it up.” Droozy would look at this writing over and over again, touch the words and kiss the page.

One day a new girl, Evelyn, came into Mr. Endry’s class. She was “cool”. She had on hurachies, Mexican sandals which looked so good as the delicious leather squeaked whenever she walked. Mr. Endry seemed to notice her with a special look in his beautiful eyes. Droozy couldn’t stand it; she hated Evelyn and often wished she would disappear. She wished she too would be able to have hurachies like Evelyn so that she could make that wonderful noise when she walked.

When the class outing came at the end of the year Droozy watched her beloved Mr. Endry from a distance. She wanted to go up to him and tell him how much she loved him, but she couldn’t do it. She was afraid and embarrassed. She just longingly looked at her beloved teacher. She did get one of her classmates to take a picture of him which she later had enlarged and kept in her bedroom. She would look at it every night and hold it close to her.  Droozy never forgot her beloved teacher, not ever!  

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