Droozy, who was not quite four years old, stood in the backyard of the inn which belonged to her closest friend, Lieselotte Strauss. It was a very pleasant looking place with a primitively dug pond surrounded by grey stone. There were many goldfish in the pond, which were flitting rapidly back and forth, making a gay pattern as they hurriedly swam past one another. Friend Kate Rotschild and sister Fanny were also watching, when Kate developed a wonderful thought. “Let’s take some of these fishies and bring them home to our mothers. They can cook them for dinner.” What a delightful idea! Droozy immediately reached for some empty jars which were conveniently standing around the edge of the pool. She grabbed the fishnet and came up with a net full of squirming wiggly creatures, which she plunked into her water-filled jar. Kate did the same as did sister Fanny. How delightful this was and what a happy moment. Droozy was the first done and she blithely tiptoed to the front of the inn. Kate shouted after her how happy her mother would be to have such a delicious dish to eat.

As Droozy was about to cross the street, Johann, the Strauss’ servant, held her by the shoulder and said in a loud, angry voice: “And where do you think you are going with those stolen goldfish?” The color came to Droozy’s cheeks and she was shaking and frightened from top to toe. With this, Johann tried to snatch the jar from the little girl’s hand. The jar fell to the sidewalk, smashed, and all the goldfish were wiggling without water on the street. Johann gave Droozy a good whack, spanking her hard. Droozy, quietly trembling and sobbing, raced across the street to her own home and said not a word the remainder of the evening.

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