Droozy and her friends were taking turns walking on stilts. It was so much fun being so very tall and being able to look over the heads of grown-ups. While Inge, Fanny and Gertrude were prancing up and down the old-fashioned street, Droozy sat on the curb and watched the stork-like figures cross back and forth. Mr. Abner was there also, quietly observing the whole procedure. Suddenly Droozy looked down and there on the sidewalk beside her feet were two shiny gold ten penny pieces. Droozy quickly picked them up. She was certain she had discovered a small fortune. She slipped them into the pocket of her dress and whirled around with joy. She was about to tell her father of her good fortune when Inge handed the stilts to Droozy. First one foot and then the other clumsily ascended the stilts. It was very important to hold them close together; otherwise the legs would be too far apart to walk. Droozy did not want to take any more spills. From her tall position Droozy noticed that the children seemed to be searching on the ground for something. She wanted very much to know what was happening but had too much difficulty keeping her balance. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, she came closer and closer to her young friends. When laboriously she reached them, they told her that Inge had lost money that her mother had given her to buy a notebook. Before Droozy had an opportunity to tell of the money she thought she found, she fell down with a crash and the two shiny gold coins came tumbling out of her pocket. It was too late for explanations and Mr. Abner came rushing over to scold Droozy for something which she took which wasn’t hers. Inge was very angry, calling Droozy a nasty thief, while the others laughed loudly and told the child that the fall was a punishment from God for her ugly deed.

Droozy ran away covering her face with her hands, ashamed, but mostly hurt that no one believed that she had only by chance found the shiny pieces of gold.

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