Sukkot was always an exciting holiday for children, especially in Breslau. It would start on Yom Kipur when the families were in the Synagogue. The children would go outside and gather up chestnuts that hat fallen from the huge chestnut tree that stood in the courtyard of the Temple. They would pick up as many as they could hold in their pockets in order to decorate their Sukke with them.

            Although the adults were hungry and tired during the long Yom Kipur Day, the children did not fast and were well fed with rich fruit laden cheesecake and other delicacies that the mothers had brought for them.

The day following Yom Kipur the building of the Sukke would begin. Four wooden posts were hammered into the ground, the sides were covered with heavy cloth, and green branches with leaves made up the roof. Chestnuts, apples, pears, St. John’s bread and pomegranates were hung and the aroma of the green leaves intermingled with the fruit and nuts smelled heavenly.

Droozy couldn’t wait for the evening to be able to sit and eat dinner in that wonderful Sukke. Her aunt Mathilde had considered herself fortunate to have been able to buy a kosher chicken to share with the family (It was very difficult to obtain kosher poultry or meat since it had to be imported from Holland). The luscious looking chicken was brown and looked appetizing. It was carefully divided among all present. One bite and Droozy realized that it was decayed. The smell permeated the Sukke and no one except the aunt ate it. Droozy, Fanny and their cousins did not want to hurt their aunt’s feelings. They waited until she had gone into the kitchen and then they quickly dug a hole next to the Sukke and buried the remains of the smelly bird.

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