Papa had a job at a dairy. He would load bottles of milk onto trucks for delivery. Mostly he worked in the cooler where the milk, cream, butter and ice cream were kept. Since he only earned $40 a month working six days a week, he would bring home milk for his family. He also would give Eskimo Pies to Droozy. These were vanilla ice cream sticks covered with chocolate. They tasted so good!

   Droozy would visit the cooler where Papa worked, early on a Sunday morning, when nobody except here father was there. He would put a few of those delicious ice cream sticks into a bag and his daughter would take them home. On the way, she would eat one or two. What a treat! The chocolate tasted so good; it kept the ice cream underneath creamy and fresh. She would hurry home so that these delicacies would not soften and melt before she could share them with her mother, sister and brother.

   Droozy always thought what a good job her dad had because he could get milk and other dairy products free. It not take long, though, before the boss stopped him from taking ice cream since it “cost too much” to have all those Eskimo Pies gone. It was soon thereafter that Droozy herself began working at that dairy so that she could eat all the ice cream that she wanted.

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