Herr Kübler was Droozy’s grade school teacher. He was a very cruel man who hated anyone who was not a pure bred German. He hated Jewish children more than anyone else in the world, even though he had only met two in his entire life.

Droozy was an exceptionally good student who learned to read before she ever started school. Mr. Kübler resented her ability to learn more rapidly than most of the other children in the class. He only wanted the Arian / pure German race to achieve. He assigned Droozy to the back of the classroom and seated her next to a tubercular child who was very contagious. Droozy was very frightened because that young girl coughed all the time and should not even have been in the classroom but belonged in a convalescent home for sick children.

Mr. Kübler was a Nazi who had lost his legs during the war. He had two prostheses (wooden legs). He would walk almost like everyone else. He would also take his legs off and go swimming, a sight that the students talked about after school. Because of his physical disability Herr Kübler was always angry. If a child answered a question incorrectly he would hit them across the fingertips with a switch made out of leather. He delighted in doing this. Droozy was careful not to raise her hand in order to prevent receiving a stroke on the hand with the switch. Sometimes, however, this teacher would call on the child anyway. Fortunately she answered correctly. At times when he was in an especially bad mood he would hit Droozy in any event. It hurt so much that Droozy’s fingertips were severely swollen. Although the child enjoyed learning in school she often dreaded the tyrant who was so unjust and brutal.

When Droozy was to be entering the third grade no Jewish child was permitted to attend the German public schools again.  Droozy was relieved. She would never have to face that brutal Nazi man Herr Kübler again.

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