From: "Polounine Andrei"
Date: 4/15/00

Polounine Andrei
box 210 73
200 21 Malmö

TEL:+46 40 284 084
FAX:+46 40 939 543

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am Jew from Russia.I ,my wife and daughter(2 years old)escape from
Russia and in Now.1999 apply for asylum in Sweden.Swedish immigration
board keep me locked up into custody from 22.11.99,but my wife and
daughter are in the camp.I did not see my family more 3 months.Russia.I am
tring to immigrate to the USA.I am looking for
sponsorship from Jewish organization in USA,which can help us
to get there.May be you could inform me some of email addresses(Fax)
of Jewish organizations which can help us get permanent visa for USA
Swedish authorities informed us that soon they will deport us to
on Refugee or Humanitarian grounds?
If not,then inform any email addresses of Jewish organization
which deal with refugees or help Jewish refugees,please.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely

Polounine Andrei
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