Requesting Information

From: Marjorie Jackson
Date: 3/24/10

As I approach 90, belatedly I am trying to gather family history.  In the summer of 1941 I visited a family in Buffalo who were relatives of one of my parents.  I remember that I enjoyed the company of "Sandy Satuloff" but had no contact with him or of the Buffalo family (as I recall there was also a Lil Josephson).  I do not remember if he was a relative of the Lembarks or of the Brodys....the names of my parents.
I stumbled on your website and see that a Sanford Satuloff was killed in WW2.  His age, as given, would coincide with what would have been the age of my "Sandy".
I wonder if  you might have any helpful information for me about the Buffalo branch of my family.
I now reside in La Jolla, California and would appreciate hearing from you.
Thank you. Marjorie Jackson

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