Oligarchy in the Jewish Community

From:  Abe Simon

Posted on:  11/20/05


I read your commentary today and while I have over the years since I left Buffalo come across some instances of what you and Ms. Homan in her commentary describe as how the community at large operates, I must tell you of my positive experiences also. First of all I agree about Rabbi Isaac Klein. When my wife and I got married in 1957 he helped her through the conversion process to become Jewish.


We moved to California and raised our family of 4 Jewish children there and in several Reform temples found open acceptance. In fact my wife became president of the sisterhood and I school board chairman. We were comfortable middle-class. When I turned to Jewish Family Services in need they were there for us. Later when I moved to Denver I was happy with the large, old congregation there. And now living in Las Vegas I have found the same. Basically if you want to get involved and work you can do so.


Abe Simon
Las Vegas NV

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