Morris Diamond

Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000
Time: 14:18:31 EDT

Hi. My maternal grandfather was named Morris Diamond; I wonder if there is
any relation.

I only know a little: my grandfather was born maybe about 1885 in Bessarabia
(maybe) and came to U.S. as a young man, sent by his parents because of fear
of conscription by Russian army. Would guess about turn-of-century, and
believe he went to New York City.

Morris was in touch with relatives in Boston named Krotman. That's where he
met my maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Kligerman, whose sister was married to
a Krotman.

Morris and Elizabeth married prior to 1914 and lived in Philadelphia where
my mom Edythe Diamond was born November 1914. They later moved to New York
City where their other child Meyer Diamond was born in 1919. Morris died in
NYC in January 1928.

The only other things I know are that Morris's father was probably also Meyer
Diamond (he never came to U.S.) and that Morris had a brother who went to
Brazil, but possibly under variant Diamant.

I'd be pleased to hear from you one way or another. Thanks, Gale Burnick

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