Jewish Genocide !

Posted by:  Israel Turk

Posted on 1/20/03

It causes to me mentally pain continuously , why Jewish leadership
in the United States have imposed a systematic Genocide on the Jewish
people and religion, in this Great Country.?

During my five years in the Extermination camps as a very young
person I have witnessed as thousands of Jews young and old
including babies were stuffed into rail boxcars like discarded clouting,
and shipped of to Their deaths, I was also forced to dig large pits
and watched while man women and Jewish children were shoot near
the pits, and I with other young Jews were ordered to throw Them in
to the mass graves , while many were alive, the life of a Jew and a Jewish
Soul was considered worthless and a detriment to the entire World...

In the light of the Holocaust, and  this major Jewish tragedy in Europe,
it is incomprehensible , that Jews feel so irrelevant, and are condemning
Them selves out of existence, instead to live and survive as a Jew,
in this Great Country of the United States.

Israel Turk
Los Angeles Ca.

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