Jewish Child Needs a Family

From:  Michele Fried

Posted 5/23/01

Attention:  Jewish Community of Buffalo!
Adoption S.T.A.R., a local state authorized adoption agency is looking for a Jewish family (does not need to be Orthodox) who would be willing to open their hearts and home to a 9 year old Jewish Russian boy. We are looking for an adoptive family, not a temporary care family.

Please do not respond with temporary care offers, as has had too many disruptions in his life. He has been living in the U.S. for 2 years now.  He speaks fluent English and is in a regular 3rd grade class in public school. He has attended a Jewish camp and goes to a Jewish afterschool program. He has had a great many losses in his life as he was not originally raised by his birth parents. Several different family members have cared for him throughout the years and they have come to realize that this child needs to be in one stable and secure family. It does not appear that this child has any intellectual special education needs. He does well with math, and not as well with reading and writing. He needs to be reminded to do his home work. He excels in fine motor skills and loves to build different types of mechanical models.  He is a charming and loving child, but is beginning to show signs of distrust as he has had many recent disappointments in his life. He is praying for a forever family.  Any family interested must realize that a commitment to adopt an older child is much different than adopting a baby. An older child comes with his life experiences and is in need of consistent counseling to help deal with past rejection and to make a healthy transition into a new home. A family must be willing to make a forever commitment to an older child and not view the placement as temporary even when times get tough. It is normal for an older child being adopted to display poor behaviors to test a family's commitment to him.

This child needs a good Jewish home to help him grow into a healthy and productive adult. PLEASE take the time to forward this email to someone you know who may be interested in becoming the parent(s) of this child.
Thank you.
Michele Fried

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