Subject: Israelis moving to Buffalo need information

From:  Shirley Sela-Levavi <>

Posted:  4/29/01


My name is Shirley Sela-Levavi, I am an Israeli teacher, and I graduated

the Master degree in comparative literature from Tel-Aviv university. At
mid-July me and my family are moving to Amherst, Buffalo, for the
purpose of studying for a Ph.D. in the same field in SUNY at Buffalo,
after I received a scholarship there. Hopefully, we are going to settle
in town for at least six years. I am married, and have a one year old
Right now, me and my husband need a lot of information concerning our
future life in the city, and don't now exactly to whom we can turn.
Another reason why we turn to the jewish community is that we want to
take part in the communal activities, and especially give our son a
jewish education.
I will specify some of our questions below, but I will be very grateful
if someone could give us his or her e-mail for further assistance and
First, we'd like to know if you could recommend us neighborhoods in
which we could rent an apartment as close as possible to the university.
Second, we have a problem finding work from Israel for my husband, who
is a very experienced computer programmer.
Third, we can't register our son to the university's day-care for the
coming year, so we need a recommendation for another good day-care in
You can contact us at the following Emails: 
Thanking you in advance for your information and assistance
Shirley and Meir Sela-Levavi
37 Yehuda Hanassi St.
Bnei-Brak, 51491

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