"Human Rights For Everyone" - But Not If You're A Jew

Posted by Jacqueline Homan

Posted on 8/4/06


Once again, Israel defends herself and is judged to be the bad guy. The saying of the great sage Hillel "If I am not for myself, who will be for me and if not now, when?" rings true today as ever before.

The public outrcy worldwide and accusations that Israel has "overreacted" in firing missiles back toward Hezbollah infiltrators who have been lobbing missiles onto Israeli citizens from Beirut and Tyre in relentless terrorist attacks. Israel drops leaflets to warn the civilian Lebanese of Israeli retaliation and defense against Hezbollah terrorists. Did  HAMAS or Hezbollah do that before they fired missiles onto Israeli civilians? No, they did not. Why should they do that when their ultimate goal is to kill every last Jew?

Yes, it is a crime that innocent Lebanese civilians have been hurt and killed - but it was a crime that was 100% of Hezbollah's doing when they, being the terrorist and extremist militants that they are, decided to infiltrate into the local Lebanese citizenry population in residential areas from which to launch their rockets to kill and maim Israeli civilians. Any outcry from the world stage should be against Hezollah - NOT Israel! Israel is 100% right for defending itself and if the U.N. had a sum total IQ above a houseplant, they would have aided and assisted Israel in routing these terrorist crackpots out and disarming them to minimize or prevent tragic retaliatory collateral damage in Beirut and Tyre. But as usual, we Jews are left standing alone to fight for our lives  - then we get villified on [url=] blogs[/url], chat boards, news media, etc for defending our right to live. Human rights for everybody - but only if you are not a Jew!

Jacqueline S. Homan, Erie  PA

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