Former Buffalonian (Kenmoreite, actually)

From:  Howard Katz (
Posted: 4/13/00
Time:  6:54 pm

I spent 5th grade in 1963-64 on Grand Island, and 6th-12th grades in
Kenmore. We lived on Wardman Road. We went to Temple Emanu-El at Colvin
and Tacoma, and to Shaarey Zedek until 1971, when I went away to

I went to Hebrew School at Temple Emanu-el, with Rabbi Klein, Mrs.
Klein, Mrs. Post, Mr. Cass, and others, and then to Hebrew High School
at the Jewish Center on Delaware Avenue downtown.

I now live in Boston, MA (in Jamaica Plain) and work just beyond Route
128, the High Tech belt, as a technical writer for a software company.

Howard Katz

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