Edmund Klein's family

From:  Dr. Angela Clifton < >

Posted:  1/6/02

I am writing on behalf of Ms Ruth Klein, sister of Dr Edmund Klein, who features in your Hall of Fame. She is trying to re-establish contact with her brother's family but has mislaid the letter she received from her sister-in-law Martha after his death. She has enlisted my help in this search and so far I have had no luck with the American Medical Association or Directory Enquiries.

I appreciate you may not wish to send me the address directly but if anyone reading this knows the whereabouts of the family perhaps you could either undertake to forward a letter or else give them Ms Klein's address.  I would be very grateful for your assistance as I know how very important it is to Ms Klein to make  contact with her brother's family.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Angela Clifton
Springfield University Hospital
London SW17 7DJ

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