Dry Bones cartoon 

From:  Rabbi S. Fishbane (

Posted:  August 20, 2000


 “Jerusalem would not have been destroyed had it not been for the disgracing of the Torah Scholars”      (Talmud Shabbos 119b).


The Talmud speaks very strongly of those who hear or see a Torah Scholar scorned and does not protest.

 I therefore would like to convey my feelings of sadness concerning the Dry Bones on page 7 of the August 11 Buffalo Jewish Review concerning R’ Ovadia Yosef.

Those that have read the original speech in Hebrew have confirmed that this is another twist of words that the media has eagerly gobbled up. But this is not my point today. The point is, that to publicly say “So what sin did today’s Jews deserve….Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (or for that matter any Jew)” is a disgrace.

May we all use our strengths and our G-d given gifts to bring our community and nation together in peace.

Yours truly,

Rabbi S. Fishbane

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