Adolfine, or Auntie Fine, as she was lovingly called by her nieces, was a very special person. She was Albert Abnerís sister. She was an invalid from the time she was fourteen years old when she had fallen into an ice pond, skates and all.

After her motherís death, Fine was placed into an institution for physically ill people. There she would remain. Fanny and Droozy loved visiting her and found her to be a very kind person. She was lying in a metal hospital bed, her large blue green eyes appearing very big and dazzling in her thin face. She could only move her upper body since her very thin legs were paralyzed and useless.

Auntie Fine was always willing to share a story or two about her early life, especially the one about falling into the ice and being rescued by her brother Albert. She was a good skater and although she was warned not to skate on a particular Sunday in the winter, because the ice wasnít thick and frozen enough, she did it anyway. Fine did not heed the warning, especially since other children were using the pond, sliding gracefully across the ice. While she was majestically floating across the pond, twirling around many times, she suddenly found the ice breaking underneath her feet, while she sank into the frigid waters. Deeper and deeper she sank until only her face peered out from beneath the bitter cold water. She heard herself scream for help. She could feel herself becoming numb when Albert ran unto the ice and pulled her to safety.  

Auntie Fine always had some gifts for her two nieces when the family visited the nursing home. Although Auntie Fine had only a very small allowance of her own, she saved most of it so that she could give presents to her two nieces whenever they came to visit. Once she gave them silver-plated headbands with bracelets to match and another time a ball and a beautiful large doll which they named Suse.

In spite of her problems Fine was always cheerful when the children came and showed them much love and affection. She was a special person who was willing to listen to Fanny and Droozy and gave them time to tell her about themselves and their adventures.