Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



The word “holocaust,” derived from Greek meaning whole fire, has become so common that now even a fender bender is called a holocaust.

Therefore it is now necessary  to acquaint Americans with the murders committed by the Germans during the reign of Hitler.

Example one: A Jewish prisoner in a murder camp, euphemistically called a concentration camp, escaped. He was caught by the Nazi prison guards almost one hour after his escape and returned to the camp. He had been handcuffed and a wire had been attached to his neck. A crane was then lowered to the utmost and the prisoner was attached to the top of the crane, now almost touching the ground. When the crane was lifted o its full height, the Jew was hanging a good deal above the ground. He was struggling with the wire wrapped around his neck. Now all the Jews in the camp were assembled in front of the crane and told by the camp commander that all Jews had to watch the death of  the hanging  prisoner. Anyone who looked away would be shot. One man lookd the other way and was shot to death at once.

Exmple two:

A Jewish mother was carrying a baby in her arms while walking  inside a “concentration camp.” A uniformed prison guard saw the mother and baby. He seized the baby from the arms of the mother, threw the child into the air, and with his handgun shot the child to pieces in midair in front of the mother. The mother fell to the ground, screaming. The Nazi shot the mother to death lying  on the ground.

Example three: Six prison guards were sitting  on the benches on a truck. Three Jewish women and three Jewish men were standing on the truck as two vicious dogs ran around behind them. The truck was then driven to a Jewish hospital where it was parked sideways in front of the hospital door. Two guards left the truck and entered the hospital. Shortly later the window on the fourth floor of the hospital opened  and it appeared at first that two packages had just been thrown out of the windows. When the babies fell on the cement sidewalks, their little skulls opened and their brains flowed out of their heads because the head is heavier than any part of the body. The mothers of the little children were heard screaming in horror inside the hospital as a prison guard fixed his bayonet on his rifle as he shoved the bayonet into the bodies of the babies falling out of the windows. He was covered with blood as his fellow guards congratulated him at his skill in ramming his bayonet into the fallen children.

American murders.

At present, the United States exhibits a murder rate of 5.5 killings per 100,000 inhabitants. In Europe, the murder rate is only one per one hundred thousand. The American murder rate for European Americans is three per one hundred thousand, while the murder rate for Afro Americans is eighteen per one hundred thousand.

The principal reason for murder in America is the lack of money associated with adultery. It is common for both women and men to become angry and violent when their finances are so poor that they can hardly afford to eat. Many fathers and some mothers abandon their families in order to escape the endless arguments about money at home. Others resort to murder. Typical is the woman who acquires a male friend while married. She induces the male friend to kill the husband so as to get rid of the arguments and fights at home. The new “boyfriend” is induced to murder thehusband after the wife acquires a double indemnity insurance policy on the husband.  The new boyfriend kills the husband but is arrested and brought to trial. He pleads not guilty and denounces his married girlfriend, who pleads not guilty because she did not pull the trigger killing her husband. Then she learns from the judge that the law considers an instigator of murder as a killer, so that the married woman and the killer of the husband are both convicted of murder.

There are also men who either kill their wives or hire another man to do the killing for them.

We also have a number of murders of men who kill women and girls at random. These serial killers hate all women.  In addition, there are in the United States boys and men and a few women who kill for money. Business partners will sometimes murder the other partner in the hope of gaining access to life insurance and other properties.  They hope to achieve financial advantages by murder, as frequent in America as is the hope of winning a lottery.

We also have a number of  killers who seek “suicide by cop.” The killers will shoot indiscriminately at innocent citizens as they hope the police will kill them so as to escape the need to kill themselves.

In the America black community there is a good deal of murder, as the killer is related to the victim or is an acquaintance .  Many more men than women are convicted of murder, because women are more often instigators of murder carried out by men.

I have written a book called Murder: An Analysis of its Forms, Conditions, and Causes. The book is based on police reports including murder, as well as the FBI Annual Crime Statistics covering the entre United States.

The sum of my findings concerning American murder is that money, poverty, bad marriages, homelessness, drug and alcohol use, and a failure to live in reality all contribute to murder. The book includes a number of case histories and a statistical analysis which my son Clifford produced.

The most important finding of  this study was that contempt for human life, including one’s own life, is heavily associated with murder, as is the failure of law enforcement to prosecute killers, including the murderers who are called migrants, as they entered the United States illegally.

 I have recommended that schoolchildren be exposed to philosophy, which can help educating  our children in such teachings as the famous dictum by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant: “Act as though everyone will do that which you ae doing.” Then others will assault, kill, and rob, because you did it first. Do you want to live in such a world?

Shalom u'vracha.

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