Coming Home
From:  Myla Kreinik
Posted:  4/18/00

I am making a journey with my mother back to Buffalo next week. My dad was born in Buffalo on 7/4/14 but passed away this year. My mom lived there from '40-60 on Lovering Avenue. I was very young and do not remember much of the city. I am trying to find directions to the cemetery. We belonged to the Labovitch temple near Lovering (we used to walk.) Sunshine's Bakery was nearby and a reformed temple across the street. I went to P S School 81, if that helps any. My hope is in finding the cemetery. My mom wants to pay last repects to my father's family. This will be her last trip North; she has memory problems and can't remember the cemetery.

Any help will be grateful.

We will be leaving West Virginia on Easter Sunday, and plan to be in Buffalo on Monday.

Thank you,

Myla Gilman Kreinik