Subject:  “It’s a Charpene Busche” (Shame on Us)!

Posted by Dr. Ursula A. Falk

Posted 10/23/00


We Jews have the unfortunate habit of agreeing with our enemies.  We are self haters and  have caused ourselves and our brethren  untold pain. It is only when we find ourselves in a situation of mass persecution and personal attack that we defend ourselves and “hang together”.  Even during times of severe stress we identify with the persecutors and  not infrequently attempt to be on the side of the perpetrators.  Examples abound:  Two Jewish “boys” are the advocates and major founders of the Jews for Jesus movement, a movement which diverts Jews away from their faith;  there are Jews who have made public statements that the holocaust was the fault of the Jews themselves;  more than fifty percent of our people marry non-Jews because they claim they cannot find their own religionists, that  their own are unappealing, asexual, greedy (one example is the Jewish American Prince or  Princess) or  have some unforgivable unnamed flaw.  We cater to a minority group that has been hateful toward us, whose leaders incite their people against us and preach  that annihilation is the only answer for us. We help their cause over that of our fellow Jews by giving to them, by joining in their fight and even have been known to die for their rights.  We agree with those that condemn us and accuse us of  “having all the money” attaining it through devious means.  We side with their faulty reasoning and ignore that if we do posses some earthly goods we have worked  hard for them; often fought our way through almost insurmountable obstacles;  have not collected welfare and have been  more charitable than the majority of other peoples.  We even go so far as to vote for  our enemies who have sided against Israel, have urged and badgered us to give parts of our tiny country to the Arabs and have ignored our outcries for justice.  We have conceded to these politicians, have given “land for peace” and the result is that they have the land and we are the recipients of  terrorism.  For a people with so much education and knowledge it seems that we never learn what is in our best interest.  We have learned little from the holocaust where six million of us were indeed annihilated but where we had believed the situation in Germany and other European countries would change and we could stay alive by merely being  passive.  

We are less that one half of one percent of the world’s  population today in the year 2000.  Let us learn from our mistakes, stand up for each other, support our beliefs and our fellow Jews, oppose our enemies and let us not permit them to reduce us into annihilation! 

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