The Dierkes Letter

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Believe It or Not:  We Have Sunk This Low


   Three hundred sixty seven European, Israeli and American Jews recently signed a letter published on the internet and various newspapers in support of Hermann Dierkes, a German politician. Dierkes was a member of the city council of Duisburg, a city near the Rhine river. He ran for mayor of Duisburg on the “Linke Partei” or “Left Party” ticket of which he is chairman, but lost.

    In the course of his campaign and on other occasions, Dierkes ranted against Jews and Israel. He advocated the old Nazi slogan, “Kauft nicht bei Juden” or “Do not buy from Jews.” He denies the Holocaust and hopes for the destruction of Israel. He spoke at a conference of Marxists in Berlin and there delivered a hate diatribe against Jews. He slammed Israel for defining itself as a Jewish state and encouraged Arabs to kill Jews. He denounced the German government for promoting a “special relationship” to Israel and ranted all the same canards against Jews that has fed the hate for centuries.

    Dierkes' “Left Party” claims to be concerned with human rights and therefore collected the Jewish signatures in support of Dierkes' pronouncements. The letter signed by these Jews denounces Israel, finds no fault with Dierkes' views, and finds fault only with “Islamophobia.”

     Although we cannot reprint 367 names here, an inspection of he signatories to this anti-Jewish letter reveals the usual list of Jewish academics who are in the forefront of the Jew baiters. Some of the signatories call themselves “progressive Jews,” a term evidently relating to the politics of anti-Jewish propaganda of our day.

      It is of course not surprising that the so-called “left,” or socialists, are haters of the Jewish people. That same phenomenon can be seen in the United States as well as Europe and particularly England and France as well as Germany. This hatred of Jews by “the left” began with Karl Marx, himself the grandson of two rabbis. In 1843, Marx published an essay called “Zur Judenfrage,” or “On the Jewish Question,” which recites all kinds of anti-Jewish hate propaganda and was used by the Nazi government to justify their persecution of the European Jews. In fact, I saw banners strung across the streets in Hamburg from one telephone pole to its opposite which quoted Karl Marx’s hate tirades.

     Socialists and other so-called “progressives” include the hate of Jews. Look at the writings of the nineteenth century socialists Pierre Proudhon in France and Michael Bakunin in Russia. Both were pathological Jew haters. Yet, the Jewish woman Emma Goldman, a Russian immigrant to the United States, defended these “progressives” in her propaganda in this country.

     Indeed, there are Republicans such as President George H. W. Bush, who is a hater of American Jews. Nevertheless, it is significant that public opinion surveys in the United States show distinct differences between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to Jews. Every survey ever taken reveals over and over again that only about 38% of Democrats support the right of Israel to even exist while 86% of Republicans support Israel. Moreover, all the old southern racists were and are Democrats, as are the most radical anti-Jews all over the country. Yet, a considerable majority of American Jews vote for Democrats.

     It is evident that no politician can win or hold office unless his party supports him. That explains the anti-Israel attitude of the Obama administration, since Obama needs to reflect the wishes of his party. Yet, Jews vote for that.

     As to the European Jews, it is clear that they cannot stay there much longer. If they don’t get out in time, their lives will be in jeopardy again, as the jackboots of 75 years ago are once more heard tramping through the streets of Germany and most of Europe.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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