The Zelenskyy Speech

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Spitting on the Mass Graves of Ukrainian Jews


Any American Jew who has been in contact with Ukrainian immigrants or their descendants will tell you that Ukrainians, with few exceptions, are the most vociferous Jew baiters in America.

This should not be a surprise to anyone, since no country has persecuted its Jewish citizens more cruelly, outside of Germany, than the Ukrainians.

On September 21, 1941, the German army invaded the Ukraine. The army was followed by German “Einsatzgruppen,” who were dedicated to killing all Jews. That day Ukrainian volunteers called “Auxiliary Police” rounded up 33,000 Jews, herded then to a ravine called Babi Yar, and shot all of them until the ravine was full of Jewish corpses, including men, women and even small children.

The Ukrainian population also told the Germans where Jews were living. Then the Germans and the Ukrainians broke into Jewish homes and murdered all who lived there, including sick people in their beds, and, of course, small children.

Ukrainian men also formed an SS (Schutzstaffel) division, who marched with the Germans and wore black uniforms and a death head on their caps. They specialized in running murder camps, where the Ukrainians distinguished themselves by gassing to death all Jews.

The brutality of the Ukrainians led to designating Ukrainian men as “Ivan the Terrible.”   

Since Poland borders on the Ukraine, numerous Ukrainians volunteered to participate in the killing of Jews in the nearby German death camps.

Despite the hideous record of the Ukrainians towards their Jewish neighbors, the president of the Ukraine delivered a speech to a joint session of Congress, including the Senate and the House, in which he did not mention the mass murder of his Jewish countrymen even once. The American congress members gave the Ukrainian president, Zelenskyy, numerous ovations, and President Biden praised him incessantly. Zelenskyy claimed that the Ukraine is a democracy like the USA, and that with American help, the “courageous” Ukrainians would defeat the Russian army which had invaded them. Evidently, Ukrainians view mass murder of defenseless Jews as a courageous deed.

The outcome of the Zelenskyy visit was that Zelenskyy spat on the mass graves at Babi Yar. 

Shalom u'vracha.

  Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Jewish Community in the 20th and 21st Century (2021).

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