Muslim Persecution of European Jews

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



How the European Muslims Help Israel



     There can be little doubt that the Arabs and their supporters, mostly Muslims, believe that no child of a Jewish mother, no believer in Judaism, has a right to live on this globe. When Arabs scream in their streets, “kill the Jews,” we believe they mean it. When Arabs demand that Israel be destroyed, we believe they mean it. When Arabs repeat all the old Nazi canards concerning the Jewish people, we are certain they believe these hate messages and of course when they praise Hitler as a “great man” we believe they mean that too.

     The European Muslims have now become a serious threat to the survival of Jews in Europe. One example of this situation is the condition of the Jews in the Netherlands. There are today 944,000 Muslims in that country, constituting 5.5% of the total population. There are also 30,000 Jews in the Netherlands, who have no future there and are leaving that country in droves for Israel. Although there was once a large Jewish community in the Netherlands, there is hardly any Jewish life there today. Not only were eighty percent of Jews deported during the Nazi occupation, but today, as we write this, Jews are once more the targets of physical assault, firebombings of synagogues, home invasions, destruction of Jewish owned businesses, and assaults on such Jewish institutions as old age homes, synagogues, and community centers.

      The perpetrators of this neo-Nazi movement are young, Dutch born Muslims who deny the Holocaust and drive more and more Jews into Israel, thereby increasing the Jewish population there. Similar conditions exist in almost all other European countries. In Sweden, there are  451,000 Muslims and only 20,000 Jews, whose younger people are leaving Sweden for Israel as Muslims assault them incessantly. Remember that the Jews of Sweden and the Netherlands are natives while the Muslims are almost all recent immigrants. Yet, the European governments have undertaken nothing to protect the Jewish communities. 

     France has 3,575,000 Muslims today. The Jewish population is no more than 606,000. Like the Netherlands, France too is the scene of ever increasing assaults on the Jewish community by the Muslims, there so that a considerable number of French Jews have moved to Israel..

     Germany has a Muslim population of 4,119,000 and a Jewish population of 118,000. Ninety percent of these “German” Jews are former Russian Jews who moved to Germany between 1970 and 2000. Germany has some very stringent laws against civil rights violations, with particular emphasis concerning the Jewish community. Therefore, the Muslims there have not been as active as elsewhere in Europe.

     The UK has 2,869,000 Muslims, so that London has sometimes been called “Londonistan.”  The UK has 650,000 Jews who are also under attack by the Muslims there, although the British government has been far more active than any country other than Germany in protecting the Jewish community.

     Belgium resembles the Netherlands in the degree of Jew baiting. There, the 638,000 Muslims have assaulted the small Jewish population of 31,000 to such an extent that the Jewish community in Belgium will soon cease to exist, as the remainder of the Belgian Jews will also move to Israel.

     The prime example of the Arab promotion of Israel’s interests is Russia. About one million Jews moved to Israel from the former Soviet Union as a result of Arab agitation against Jews in that dictatorship. There the 26 million Muslims are associating with the anti-Jewish hatemongers of Russian ethnicity to drive the remaining 228,000 Jews out of the country.

     In sum, the Arabs and their supporters are steadily increasing the Jewish population of Israel.

     This increase in Israel’s population is indeed welcome. Therefore it is of course necessary that Israel build more and more Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria and in Jerusalem instead of handing all that land to the terrorists. It is therefore significant that a recent letter to Secretary of State Clinton by members of Congress supporting Israel’s right to build in Jerusalem was rejected by the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Likewise, the House voted to support Israel in its defensive action in Gaza against the Hamas terrorists. That resolution passed with 390 yes votes, five no votes and 37 abstentions. Four of the no votes came from Democrats as did 29 of the abstentions.

     In November of 2009 the House passed a resolution condemning the so called “Goldstone Report,” written by the self hating Jew, “Judge” Goldstone, which blames Israel for defending itself against terrorist rockets and excusing the murder of Jews by Arab killers. The vote was 344 yes, 36 no, of whom 33 were Democrats, and fifty-two abstentions, of whom forty-four were Democrats.

     Three hundred and twenty-seven members of the House wrote a letter to call for en end to the public attacks on Israel by the Obama administration. 102 members of the House refused to sign that letter. Of these, 94 were Democrats.

     There has been a 13% decline in the number of congressmen willing to support Israel, a decrease coming entirely from Democrats. Meanwhile the number of congressmen willing to attack Israel has tripled.

     A resolution demanding that the administration obey the law and move the American embassy to Jerusalem received nineteen sponsors in the House. All are Republicans.

     This ever growing gap between Democrats and Republicans concerning support for Israel can be seen in a most recent Gallup public opinion poll. This showed that 85% of Republicans support Israel while only a minority of 48% of Democrats support Israel. Yet, in the 2010  congressional election, sixty-six percent of Jews again voted for Democrats. A reasonable person should therefore conclude that two thirds of American Jews are willing to see another Holocaust in which the Arabs slaughter the entire population of Israel.

     Our good fortune is that the American population in general voted overwhelmingly to give the Republican party a considerable majority in the House and increase the number of Republicans in the Senate from 41 to 47, thereby possibly putting a brake on the Obama administration's destructive intentions concerning Israel.

     Let us hope that two years from now, with or without the help of the Jewish vote, the next president will be a supporter of our brethren in the land of our fathers instead of one who threatens the survival of yet another six million Jews.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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