The Geneva Accord

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Politicians everywhere seek power. Most delude themselves into believing that they have the right to govern others, like it or not. In our democracy such ambitions are usually tempered by the limited number of terms a president or other official may serve. In this country the President of the United States cannot serve more than 10 years under any circumstances. (That is right. Ten years. Look at the Constitution. Amendment XXII.)

In the parliamentary democracies fashioned on the English model, prime ministers can manipulate the parliament in such a manner that they can hold office much longer than an American president. Nevertheless, the office holders are subject to the popular will and must be elected.

One such ex-office holder in Israel is Yossi Beilin. He was a member of the discredited and rejected government of Shimon Peres, who inherited the office of Prime Minister after the murder of Yitzchak Rabin. In the next election Peres lost and Beilin had no further role in the government of Ariel Sharon. In fact, the voters despised Beilin for his activities on behalf of the terrorist PLO and his betrayal of his own country by means of the so-called Oslo accords, which led to the murder of over 900 Jews during the past three years.

Now Beilin, seeking to satisfy his own ambitions at the expense of the 5.5 million Jews in Israel, has organized an anti-Jewish conspiracy which reminds us of the Wannsee conference held in a suburb of Berlin in 1942 for the purpose of organizing the killing of all the Jews of Europe by the Nazi slaughterers.

Beilin, alongside the notorious Jew hater and 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, accepted money from France, Belgium and Switzerland to concoct the so-called Geneva agreement designed to relinquish most of Israel to the Palestinian terrorists, make Israel defenseless and bring about another Holocaust.

Beilin is the favorite court Jew of the European Union, the same people who murdered 6 million Jews in the death camps in our lifetime, only 60 years ago.

Beilin and the malicious Jimmy Carter and other Israel bashers signed an agreement with the representatives of Yasser Arafat which would give Arafat all of Judea, all of Samaria, all of Gaza and all but a few blocks of Yerusholayim. Beilin even agreed that the Temple Mount, the holiest place in all of Judaism, shall belong to the terrorists.

The Arab delegates to this cabal said then and there that the concessions Beilin seeks to foist on Israel are not enough but that they will continue to make further demands until Israel is no more. The Geneva Agreement, then, is a device designed to murder Jews and put an end to the Jewish state. Seeking to bring disunity and divisiveness to Israel, the Swiss, French and Belgian governments have furnished money so as to mail the 78 page document they concocted to every Israeli household.

This so-called agreement makes the United Nations the monitor of any dispute between the future Palestine and Israel. Since the U.N. is the direct spiritual descendant of the Nazi party it is evident that that provision alone suffices to make this heinous “agreement” totally unacceptable to anyone seeking the continued existence of Israel.

While the agreement seeks the withdrawal of Israel to the Auschwitz line of 1967, not one word in the agreement even mentions the Jewish refugees from Arab lands, or the loss of Jewish property in all the Arab countries from which Jews had to flee in fear of their lives. Nevertheless, the so-called Arab refugees are discussed extensively and compensation for their losses is promised them. Furthermore, these “refugees” and their descendants are given the option of moving into Israel so as to destroy the Jewish state from within.

The sum of this “agreement” is once more that Israel give up everything and receives nothing in return. The Arabs gain everything and give nothing in return.

Why would a native-born Israeli seek to betray his country in this fashion? Surely, the answer is obvious. Beilin is after all not the only traitor the world has ever known. Among us Jews such apostates have always accompanied our sorrow and our pain. Take a look at the Past Commentary section of this web site. There you will find an article I wrote two years ago called “Apostates - A Never Ending Plague”. We have always had former Jews side with our enemies against us. They, like Beilin now, sought to gain power for themselves by consorting with our enemies. From the days of Barnabas in the first century to the Kapo Jews who served the Nazi killers to Beilin today, these Jewish enemies of the Jewish people have conspired with those who hate us because they wanted to satisfy their private ambition at the expense of yet another persecution of their Jewish brethren.

They will not succeed. We will survive even this latest effort to destroy us and to poison Am Yisrael once again. Long after the name of Beilin will be forgotten and become only a footnote among that long list of Jewish lemmings, Israel will live as “a light onto the nations”.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Grandparents:  A New Look at the Supporting Generation (with Dr. Ursula A., Falk, 2002), & Man's Ascent to Reason (2002).

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