Dr. Gerhard Falk

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Lies and Murder, Murder and Lies - the Arab Attack on Western Civilization


    It has become a mindless routine to repeat over and over again that there are some 650,000 Arab “refugees” living in numerous camps in Arab countries surrounding Israel.

    Now a refugee is someone who is forced to leave his home because of persecution, violence, war or other threat. Yet, the Arab “refugees” and their descendants living in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt etc. left Israel on their own accord in the hope of returning as conquerors after the War of Liberation in 1948. They believed, as did all the world, that “Jews can’t fight” and that the 650,000 Jews then living in Israel would be overwhelmed by the Arab armies, slaughtered to the last baby and robbed of all their possessions for the benefit of the so-called “Palestinians” (Philistines). Well, it turned out otherwise. Jews can fight and knew how to defend themselves in 1956, 1967, 1983, and now. Every effort to mass murder the Jews of Israel has failed.

    Meanwhile, the Arab countries persecuted their Jewish population to such an extent that 650,000 Jews were forced to leave the communities in which they had lived for 2,500 years. Jews lived in all the so-called Arab lands long before there were any Muslims or Arabs in this world.  Mohammed was born in 570 C.E. and died in 632 C.E. 

    Therefore then, the Jewish refugees from Arab lands now living in Israel should be compensated for their losses. Look at these numbers!

     Refugees from Arab lands:  Morocco, 251,000

                                                     Egypt,        60,000

                                                     Algeria       15,000

                                                     Libya          26,000

                                                     Tunisia       56,000

                                                     Lebanon       6,000

                                                     Syria              5,000

                                                      Iran           129,000

                                                      Yemen        52,000

                                                      Others         50,000


   All of these Jews were absorbed by Israel. Yet, the Arab oil billionaires let their people live in miserable camps until now. Evidently, Israel owes these so-called refugees nothing. On the contrary, the Arabs owe their former Jewish citizens billions in compensation for the loss of all they had and all they had to rebuild in Eretz Yisrael. So if you are told that there is a refugee problem in the Middle East, agree to that right away. There is a Jewish refugee problem and the Arabs caused it.

    Unable to overthrow Israel and murder away, the Arabs have attacked American installations all over the world, finally killing over 3,000 Americans on September 11 in New York. Yet, the Arab media tell their readers that the CIA and the Israeli Mossad destroyed the World Trade Center for the purpose of now blaming this mass killing on the Arabs. The Arabs also claim that 4,500 Jews did not come to work at the WTC on September 11 because they knew in advance that the building would be destroyed. Lies and more lies.

    Today, the Arab attacks on Jews are equaled by the Arab attacks on Christians. In Egypt  there is a small Christian minority called “Copts”. The Coptic Christians are the remnant of the Christians who were the only inhabitants of North Africa until the Moslems came, first to Egypt,  in the 7th century (639-641)  and forcibly converted the Christian population of Egypt to Islam. Today, the  Copts are treated abominably in Egypt. Christian women are raped so as to force conversion to Islam in order to escape condemnation for being “dishonored”.

    Muslim clergy incite their followers to hate Christians, opinions which are repeated in the Egyptian media to which Christians have no access.

    Conversion from Islam to any other religion is punishable by death. Anyone caught doing so is given an opportunity to renounce his new faith and return to Islam. Otherwise the death penalty applies in most Islamic states.

    Churches may not be built or expanded in Egypt and other Muslim countries unless permitted by government. Such permission is rarely given, so that most non-Islamic institutions are in terrible shape. 

    Non-Muslims are also forced to read the Koran in schools, a practice that  is very common in Muslim countries.

    Evidently, everything that applies to Christians also applies to Jews if there are any left in any Muslim state.

    All this needs to be considered in view of the actions of the so-called United Nations War Crimes “tribunal” relative to erstwhile Yugoslavia. That “kangaroo court” has decided, before any trial, that the former Prime Minister of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevich,  is responsible for all the carnage his country suffered at the hands of the Albanian Muslim terrorists. Yet, those Libya sponsored killers attacked Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo and murdered incessantly until the Serbs were forced to defend themselves, even as Israel must do now in view of the same terror launched against the Jews there. The so-called tribunal is evidently of the opinion that it is a crime to be a Serb and that Muslims are entitled to murder at will.

    Now that we have become victims of this terror campaign ourselves we must dissociate this country from the “blood court” in the Hague and demand that Milosevich be freed at once. To hold him responsible for defending his country against the Muslim terrorists is the same as claiming that George W. Bush is a “criminal” for launching a war against Afghanistan.

    Is the whole world wrong and Muslims are always right? Before the Muslims of this world can claim to be victims they need to admit that non-Muslims are also human and that non-Muslims have the same right to live in peace as they do. Otherwise all mankind will be condemned to endless war instigated in the name of fanatics who will never convert  us all  to their opinions but will only cause more and more bloodshed in a world seeking only to live in peace.

Shalom u’vracha.

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