The Threat to American Jewry

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Consequences of Muslim Immigration

“The best way to remember the Holocaust is by bringing Muslims to kill American Jews.” Daniel Greenfield.

Not long ago, the Buffalo News published a long article praising the Buffalo Jewish Federation for spending a good deal of money to bring into Buffalo numerous Muslim refugees from Syria.

These Muslims let it be known that they don’t like Jews nor for that matter any non-Muslims. Public opinion in Muslim countries shows that only about 2% of Muslims believe that Jews have a right to live. This bigotry is anchored in the Koran, which calls for the massacre of Jews. It is therefore evident that bringing more Muslims to America makes the country more anti-Jewish and invites attacks on American Jews.

An example of what will eventually happen in the United States may be seen by looking at the condition of French Jews and of Christians living in Muslim countries.    

In 2008 and in 2012 the vast majority of American Jews voted for Pres. Obama, who  issued 1.1 million green cards to Muslim immigrants. This represents an increase of over 25% since 2013. That percentage does not include millions of Muslims living in this country illegally. Because our immigration laws are not enforced, it is reasonable for citizens to not pay taxes and ignore the tax laws.

By taking a look at Europe and particularly France, we can see that Europeans want to forget about the Holocaust, claiming it was too long ago to be remembered now. Yet, the same Europeans are perfectly willing  to remember the crucifixion of over 2000 years ago, which has always been cause for the slaughter of European Jews.

Seeking to find an excuse for murdering 6 million Jews in gas ovens, Europeans pretend that the so-called Philistines, or Palestinians, are somehow victims, even as they scream for the blood of Jews and kill Israelis whenever possible. It is significant that Christians and Yazidis who have been brutally murdered in Arab countries are ignored by those screaming loudly that the Jews are responsible for all the world’s troubles.

Almost all American Jews vote consistently Democrat and consider themselves liberals. The so-called liberals are foremost in their denunciation of the Jewish community and support the so-called Philistines or Palestinians who scream “death to the  Jews” in the streets. These same liberals seek to destroy Israel. Thus, in 2006, Muslims in France kidnapped and tortured a young Jew,  Ilan Halini, to  death.

As a result of this new persecution of the European Jews, 60,000 have left Europe as others are still leaving. While there were 9.8 million Jews in Europe in 1939, there are now only 1.4 million Jews in all of Europe, which has a Muslim population of 44 million.

American Jews need to understand that by 2050 the Jewish population will decline from 1.8% of the American nation to 1.4%, even while the Muslim population will increase to 2.1 percent. That will mean that American politicians will no longer pay attention to Jewish concerns, but will agree with whatever Muslims demand. It has been estimated by Pew Research that by 2040 Muslims will be the second largest religious group in the United States. Muslims have many more children than is common in the United States, particularly because the population is younger than the average American population.

Meanwhile, in Europe, many middle eastern, North African, and South Asian migrants have arrived, bringing with them hatred of Jews.   

Because of all this, Jews have no future in Europe, as Islam overtakes the entire European continent. This is not true in the United States if the Supreme Court decides that the President has the right to prevent some people from coming to this country.    

Although American Jews have been repeatedly warned what is about to happen if any further immigration of Muslims will be allowed, the majority nevertheless continue to support the Democrats, the liberals, and Muslim immigration.

Prior to the Holocaust, German Jews were repeatedly warned that the Nazi government already in power meant to kill them. Yet the German Jews refused to believe this until it was too late.

In France, and in most of Europe, it is already too late. The Jews in Europe have no future other than persecution and enslavement and murder. This need not happen in the United States if the Republican Party and President Trump are supported in their effort to keep the terrorists and killers out. Otherwise the Muslims will do here what they have already done in Europe, a continent likely to become all Muslim unless the Europeans defend themselves now.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The Assault on Democracy (2017).


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