Jewish Academics

Dr. Gerhard Falk

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Jewish Academics - With Such Friends We Need No Enemies


   It was once the pride of the academic world that professors and scholars, teachers and students, remove themselves from the passions of everyday life and search for the truth wherever it may lead them.

   That effort took many centuries. Even as late as 1600 Giordano Bruno was “burnt at the stake”, that is, murdered because he asserted the “heretical” view that the universe is infinite.  A similar fate was inflicted on Tomaso Campanella while the great Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), the father of physics, was forced to recant his support for the Copernican world view to the effect that the earth travels around the sun.  In that same century, Baruch Spinoza and Uriel da Costa were excommunicated from the Jewish community in 1656 for holding unorthodox views.

   Thereafter, numerous others were also so treated although the English and French enlightenment of the 17th and 18th century laid the groundwork for the American and French revolutions and the freedom of inquiry, discussion and publication which we in this country enjoy.

   It is therefore most disappointing that professors with Jewish sounding names, the grandchildren of Jewish immigrants, are now in the forefront of those who seek to banish freedom of speech from the academy and insert into our campuses a view of the world sometimes called “politically correct”.

   According to the “liberals”, as these members of the thought police like to call themselves, Israel is always wrong and the enemies of the Jewish people are always right. For example, the brutal bombing of the World Trade Center is not called a terrorist act by the Middle East Studies Association. That association of so-called middle east scholars has a Jewish president. That is, the president has a Jewish name.

  According to that Jewish led organization the “background” of the killers of September 11 must be understood. The association is also “deeply concerned” regarding the civil rights of Muslims and Arabs. Not one word of condolences for the Israeli citizens murdered by terrorists every day. Instead the association urges the study of Islam and Arabic culture. The association worries about “misguided” retaliation and seeks to downplay this act of war by calling it a crime by a few criminals. The truth that almost all of the criminals are Saudi citizens supported by the Saudi government is not mentioned. The “innocent” people of the Middle East are the concern of the so-called scholars of the Middle East Studies Association. The Jewish victims of Palestinian terror are of course not even mentioned.

   Similar sentiments are expressed by numerous other Middle East academics, none of whom have any regard for the lives of Jews or for Israel to exist.

   In light of the “politically correct” stance taken by the “liberal” i.e. Jewish academics all over our universities such conduct is not surprising. Of course the Arabs and their friends in our universities are only too happy to find academics with Jewish names who echo their propaganda. That, of course, does not make the Arabs and their allies friends of these so-called Jews. To Arabs, all Jews are the same, including their sympathizers. To the Arabs and their friends we all belong in the gas ovens, including the spineless cowards of the Jewish left. 

   One of the dogmas of the “politically correct” crowd in our universities is the view  that all of Western Civilization is corrupt, racist and unnecessary. It was this hatred of Western culture which led the faculty at Yale University to reject a $20 million donation by Texas billionaire Lee Bass, who sought to establish a course in Western Civilization at his alma mater (nourishing mother).

   Similar lunacies have occurred on other campuses. In the forefront of such repression are numerous “intellectuals” with Jewish names. These “liberals” bleed for every cause but the Jewish cause. These “liberals” rush to the barricades for all the “oppressed” of this world including oil rich Arabs. They never find reason to support Jewish survival. “Liberals” of all stripes, and in particular “liberals” with Jewish sounding names, find every virtue in every “cause” except the National Liberation Movement of the Jewish people called Zionism. To them Zionism is a dirty word. To those of us who are proud to be Jews Zionism is the most honorable cause which we can support. The Talmud teaches that “The Messiah will not come to redeem Israel until all Jews stand united in a single fellowship.” This means that just as Hashem is One so must we be one. Let us hope that those who are the descendants of Jews will yet recognize that submission to bigots in the name of “liberalism” leads only to disaster, even for them. Meanwhile, we who are committed to Jewish survival will continue to speak up for the right of Israel to live and for the right of every Jew to say so loud and clear, now and always, bimheyro v’yomenoo.

Shalom u’vracha.

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