Campus Bigotry

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Hitler Lives at the University of California


Recently a survey at the U of California at Berkley asked students at random to comment on the ISIS barbarians who decapitate people in Syria and Iraq.

The same students were also asked to comment on Israel. Most students at U of C favored ISIS and denounced Israel.  This is not surprising. It happened before during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The first followers of the Nazi movement in Germany were students and professors at the German universities, who enthusiastically supported the high school dropout Hitler for the ten years from 1923-1933 when he campaigned for the overthrow of the German republic and the murder of Jews.  During those ten years, German students and professors attacked Jewish students at the universities both verbally and physically, as professors praised Hitler in the classrooms and denounced Jews. German students refused to take classes taught by Jewish professors and fraternities threatened violence against Jewish students. All this before the Nazi takeover.

Race theories were taught at German universities and after Hitler became dictator the German academics were the first to swear allegiance to the Nazi cause and to write commentaries on the racial laws. Professors at once kicked all Jews out of the universities even as the “famous” philosopher Martin Heidegger wore an SS black uniform as president of the University of Munich.

In the United States, the major universities also became great friends of Nazis and their ideology. American universities in the 1930’s sent students to study in Germany and absorb Nazi views. They welcomed Nazi exchange students to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton and other colleges, while the president of Harvard sailed to Germany on a ship bearing the Nazi flag. There he accepted awards from Nazi dignitaries.

When a few German Jewish professors were able to come to the United States  after being fired by the Nazi bosses, numerous American universities refused to appoint them, even when the Rockefeller Foundation was willing to pay one half their salaries. Yale University president James Angell and Harvard president James Conant were eager to host Nazi professor Friedrich Schoenemann, who lectured on “Why I believe in the Hitler government.” The Harvard law school dean Roscoe Pound attended anti-Jewish events and history professor William Lang defended Hitler. Nazi official Hanfstengel was commencement speaker at Harvard in 1934. His speech was “Why the Jews must be crushed.” The Harvard student paper “The Crimson” defended Nazi atrocities. MIT also participated in pro-Nazi activities and went so far as to sing Nazi songs at commencements. These sentiments were also present at most American universities, although receiving less publicity than those at Ivy League schools.

Today we see the same phenomenon again. Now professors from California to New York preach hate of Jews in the classroom as students smear swastikas on the doors of Jewish inhabited dormitory doors. Arab hate merchants are invited to rant their poison at numerous campuses here and in Canada, while Jewish speakers are shouted down by choruses of assembled bigots. On a number of occasions, Jewish students have been assaulted at California colleges while administrators  do nothing to prevent the violence.

Now, as then, our universities are the most supportive of anti-Jewish propaganda, as demonstrated by the Modern Language Association and other so called academic organizations who expelled all Jews from membership as they rant Hitler’s message today. These haters were born too late. Had they been around in the 1940’s, they too could have worked the gas ovens and made money stealing from the dead Jews. Hitler lives.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The German Jews in America (2014).

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