Academic Fascism


Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk




They (the Harvard Students) learn little more than to carry themselves handsomely…which might as well be acquired at a dancing school. From thence they return as great blockheads as ever…only more conceited. Benjamin Franklin.

One of the most oft repeated myths in America is the assertion that somehow Harvard University is peopled by super intellects, both among students and faculty. This belief is constantly reinforced by the media, who seem ignorant beyond all reason and who repeat their own propaganda again and again.

Harvard University was named after John Harvard, a British clergyman, who visited the unnamed Boston college in the early 17th century and left a small legacy in his will to assist the college. John Harvard was in no sense a scientist, author, or contributor to American culture. He died at age thirty.

Today, Harvard University is constantly portrayed as the intellectual center of the universe, and its students and faculty are the beneficiaries of media propaganda on their behalf. Therefore it is legitimate to review whether all that adulation is justified.

We begin by showing that money is the prime mover of all of the Harvard promotion. Tuition at Harvard University is $51,904.

In addition, those who enroll there and do not live nearby must pay for room and board, books, laboratory costs, parking fees, and transportation. Evidently only a student whose parents can afford $60,000 a year can enroll at Harvard. Consider that the average income of most Americans is only about $49,000 annually and that many earn less than that. A cab driver in New York City earns $29,000 and a waiter earns thirty three thousand a year. Even someone who earns $100,000 a year can hardly afford to send one child to Harvard, let alone two or three adolescents.

Harvard prides itself on its super brilliant students. Yet, the real criterion of attendance there is money. The rich send their children to academies or private high schools who guarantee that their graduates, like George Bush, are admitted to Harvard. Similar financial requirements exist at other so-called “Ivy League” schools, whose wealthy students spend more in one year than the vast majority of Americans earn in two years.

Harvard is also the recipient of large contributions from alumni who can afford to leave a million or more in their wills. Indeed, there are a number of scholarships available to minority students, whose presence is mainly promoted to whitewash the elitism there.

The pretense that the Harvard faculty is a collection of Einsteins is defeated by the facts. Consider this. Philo Farnsworth invented television but never attended Harvard. The automobile, the computer, the airplane, the steam engine, the reaper, the sewing machine, the telephone, the telegraph, motion pictures and innumerable other discoveries and inventions were all achieved without Harvard. Most egregious was the ridiculous conduct of some Harvard professors who questioned the discovery of the polio vaccine by Dr. Jonas Salk because Salk was employed at the University of Pittsburgh and not at Harvard.

It may well be true that there was a time when the Harvard faculty allowed free debate and free speech in their classrooms and on the campus. Today that is no longer the case. Now so-called “liberals” prohibit the expression of opinions other than those labeled “liberal.” Only radical Marxists are appointed to the faculty, and Jews, both students and faculty, ae harassed and demeaned. Anti-Jewish hate, thinly disguised as anti-Israel, is mandatory at Harvard, as faculty and students demand the boycott of all Jewish owned business.

Harvard has been the intellectual home of Cornell West, an academic politician who taught there and at Princeton and other universities on the grounds of being a philosopher. When the president of the university, Lawrence Summers, asked West for his publications before granting him tenure, it turned out that West had edited a few books by reprinting journal articles written by others. He also had written a number of articles ranting against perceived racial injustices but could not produce even one scholarly achievement. Having been denied tenure, West taught briefly at Princeton and other institutions and spent a good deal of his time denouncing Jews. This bigotry did not prevent Harvard from rehiring the discredited West, who is clearly unqualified to be found on any academic faculty.

Indeed, there are professors at Harvard who have achieved much. Like all universities, Harvard does include some outstanding scholars. Yet the majority are pensioners of the university who loaf on their tenured cans while bragging that they are so much more, oh yes, so much more than all the other American faculties together.  Because appointments to faculty positions at Harvard and almost all other colleges and universities are determined by the political opinions of the candidates and not by competence and scholarship, mediocrity and poor performance are nevertheless rewarded as long as the faculty member rants against racism, hates Jews, and engages in an assault against the Constitution in an effort to destroy freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and the right to assemble, and participates in the assault on the 2nd amendment concerning the right to bear arms. Fascism, now labeled liberal by the fascist media, rules American higher education, not only at Harvard but also the University of California.  

The University of California was once the home of some outstanding contributors to science and advances in all areas of the academic endeavor. Moreover, students were taught to respect differences of opinion and to defend the right of everyone to practice his religion, participate in his ethnic heritage, and express his views.

Now, in the 21st century, all these conditions which once made the University of California a great institution have been eradicated by religious hate, political assault on our Constitution, and the introduction of un-American activities by foreign students and bigoted professors who spend more time threatening American Jews than learning anything.

The arrival of numerous anti-Jewish Muslim students and faculty at the university has made it almost impossible for Jewish students to study at the University of California. Jews who came to learn and study are threatened with physical assault, are excluded from all student activities, are denounced in the classroom, and harassed on the campus. The large number of Muslims there follow the teaching of the Koran, the Muslim scripture which tells Muslims to kill all Jews. “A Muslim walked past a rock which spoke to him and said ‘there is a Jew behnd me, go and kill him.’  So the Muslims walked behind  the rock and killed the Jew”. Like the Nazi killers of the 1930s and forties, Muslims want to murder all Jews. Their imams teach that doctrine ad the numerous Muslim students, not allowed by American law to engage in mass murder, instead rant anti-Jewish hate. Like Hitler, their idol, Muslims boycott all Jewish business establishments and seek to enlist all Americans in failing to buy anything manufactured or sold by a Jewish business. Some Muslims have already killed Americans by terror attacks on the World Trade Center and by other means.

At the University of California, Muslims are free to spread hate, as the administrators will not protect Jewish students from the hate because the Muslims pay large sums in tuition, and money is more important to the California politicians and university bureaucrats than the safety of Jewish students.   

Because students at our universities are taught to hate Jews, it is certain that in a few years these bigots will be members of our government. That makes it entirely possible that American Jews will be forced to leave this country, as the haters and so-called “liberals” will have abandoned the Constitution as SHARIA law governs America and Islam becomes the only religion allowed in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Shalom u’vracha.

 Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Jewish Community in the 20th and 21st Century (2021).

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