Why Do Jews Vote for Democrats?

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Uses of the Past

Few American Jews know anything about history. It is therefore not unjust to cite that oft used phrase: “all we learn from history is that we learned nothing from history.” Therefore it should not be surprising that the vast majority of American Jews know nothing or want to know anything about the persecution of European Jews for over 1700 years, beginning with 313 when the emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire Licinius and the Western Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity the dominant religion in Europe.

From then, a direct line led to the gas ovens in Auschwitz and other Polish localities. These persecutions costing the lives of millions of Jews over all these years were principally based on religious hatred, as generated by labeling all Jews Christ killers and claiming that Jews were drinking the blood of Christian children and other canards.

In 1881, a time when science was beginning to explain many things which had once been the province of religious belief, the German journalist Wilhelm Marr invented the phrase anti-Semitism.

Marr used the label linguists had given to the Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic languages. They derived the word Semite from the biblical story of Noah, whose son Sem reputedly settled in an area later to become Israel. Linguists therefore called languages spoken there Semitic languages. Marr however pretended that Jews are members of a subhuman species called Semites. Therefore those people who sought to murder Jews were popularly called anti-Semites.

Since German Jews did not speak Hebrew any more than American Jews speak Hebrew, Marr claimed that Jewish Semites had racial characteristics leading them to be culture destroyers and enemies of all civilized men. Marr relied largely on hatred that had been spread against Jews by Martin Luther in the 17th century and which had permeated German society for centuries. The League of Anti-Semites was indeed successful when Hitler and his cohorts committed the slaughter which Marr had promoted.

There is today a large body of literature attempting to explain the causes of anti-Semitism. All of this literature is a waste, because there is only one reason for the attacks upon Jews for the past 1700 years. That single reason is that Jews were a defenseless minority. Let us assume that there had been 100 million Jews in Europe in 1933 and that all Jews were well armed. There would have been no Holocaust if Jews had been able to fight back. However, there were only 9 ˝ million defenseless Jews among the 416 million Europeans in 1939.

Today there are about 6˝ million Jews living in Israel, a country no bigger than New Jersey. They are surrounded by 300 million Arabs living in 23 countries. These Arabs and the 1˝ billion Muslims in this world have repeatedly attempted to slaughter the entire Jewish population in Israel. In this they never succeeded, because the Jews fought back in 1948, 1949, 1956, 1967, 1973, and all the years since. The Israeli Jews are well armed and possess an army, an Air Force, a Navy, and the atomic bomb. The Arabs have not succeeded in killing the Jews in Israel because the Jews know that their lives depend on their ability to defend themselves.

The Arabs believe that they have a right to kill all Jews because their holy book the Koran tells them to do so. Furthermore, the Arabs want to kill all Jews in order to grab the land, the houses, the furniture, and of course all the money belonging to the Jews whom they hope to kill.

Just as the Europeans robbed the murdered Jews of all their possessions, so the Arabs wish to do the same thing now but have not succeeded in face of Jewish fighting ability.

In the United States, the Arabs and other Muslims are attacking Jewish students in the American universities. Foreign Arabs enrolled in American colleges and universities assault American students of the Jewish faith, aided and abetted by so-called liberal faculty, who are followers of Hitler’s Nazi doctrines.

It is evident that American Muslims and their supporters would like to do here what the Jew haters have already done in Europe. So far they have not succeeded in the United States because American Jews can defend themselves in this democracy.

It is nevertheless obvious that if the Jewish community declines even further than has already been the case in the last 50 years in the United States, then we are doomed to disappear. American politicians count votes. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that the ever greater defections from the Jewish community by so-called liberal Jews will lead to a total disregard of Jewish needs and interests as the Muslim influence in this country grows and politicians favor Muslim causes in order to get reelected.

Since Jews are the most stupid people on earth, the preponderance of American Jews vote and support the so-called liberals in the United States. The word liberal refers to fascists who hate Jews, seek to establish a one-party dictatorship in this country, and mean to abolish the Electoral College method of electing a president. Were that to happen, all Jewish influence on the political establishment would disappear. Yet overwhelming numbers of American Jews who have never left Egyptian slavery in 3000 years bow and scrape before their enemies.

For eight years the Obama administration made every effort to destroy Israel. Yet, almost all American Jews voted for Obama and thereafter voted for Clinton in the  2016 election. They oppose everything and anything said or done by Donald Trump, who is without doubt the best friend the Jews ever had in the White House.

American politics is such that politicians constantly seek votes in order to be reelected. It is therefore obvious to everyone other than American Jews that the ever declining proportion of Jews to the total population will inevitably lead to total disregard of Jewish interests by elected officials. Yet Jews keep supporting the fascists as our membership declines and the Muslim contingent grows. The policies of Donald Trump of keeping illegal immigrants out and suspending the immigration of terrorists from Muslim countries are in our interest. Yet, the vast majority of American Jews favored the Democrats, who seek to bring into this country millions of Muslim terrorists.

It was our good fortune that the media did not succeed in electing Clinton in 2016.

Outside observers have sometimes said sarcastically that if Hitler came back to life and ran for president on the Democratic ticket, the Jews would vote for Hitler. Unfortunately, that comment is not far from the truth.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The Assault on Democracy (2017).

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