Occupy Wall Street

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Obama, "Occupy," and the Jews


     On the 2011 anniversary of the infamous “Kristallnacht” of November 10 –11, 1938, a gang of religious bigots blew up cars in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y., and smeared Nazi symbols on park benches and the walls of houses.

     Likewise, the so called “Occupy Wall Street” agitators carry anti-Jewish signs reviving all the old canards about Jews having all the money and Jewish bankers exploiting the poor. These and other actions resemble the propaganda that led to the Holocaust of 1933-1945 in Europe.

     In order to create an atmosphere of so much hate, it is of course necessary to make such sentiments seem legitimate. This is called “The Principle of Legitimacy,” and refers to the evidence that in all societies some conduct is considered legitimate and some conduct is viewed as unacceptable.

     Anti-Jewish hate is deemed legitimate when the leadership of a country express such sentiments as Barack Obama has done over and over again during his nearly three years in office. It is ridiculous to claim that anti-Israel behavior is not to be interpreted as anti-Jewish. The ordinary American, “Joe Six Pack,” knows no such difference. To him, the argument that the Israelis are “occupying Jerusalem” means that the Jews have no right to live in Brooklyn. To “Joe Six Pack” the argument that Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, is “a liar” means that all Jews are liars.

     When “Joe Six Pack” learns that President Obama treated the prime minister of Israel like a skunk at a picnic, then all Jews can legitimately be treated with contempt. Obama also created the “Occupy” movement by constantly complaining that 1% of Americans own everything and 99% own nothing. It didn’t take long before the haters identified the 1% as “the Jews,” of course. 

      In view of these provocations it is indeed revolting to read that so-called “liberal” Jews have gone out of their way to excuse the anti-Jewish hate on the part of the “Occupy” vandals. A list of these “prominent” Jews actually sent letters to major newspapers excusing Jew hatred by claiming that only a few of the “occupiers” hate us. We are entitled to ask: ”How many hate mongers do you need before you find it objectionable?”

     The “Occupy” movement is not only the home of native Nazis and enemies of the Jewish people, it is also a vehicle for the dissemination of hate from Arab sources. The Islamic Leadership Council and the Arab Association of New York are prominent in using the “Occupy” movement as a means of spewing their venom.

       “Occupy” is by no means a spontaneous movement resulting from economic hardship. It is instead a well planned campaign by such anti-Jewish haters as “Move-On,” which is funded by “Tides,” a clearing house for donations to Jew bashers. The “Social Network” project was funded by “Tides” contributors to anti-Jewish causes.

      Included in these Jew bashers are, of course, the Israel haters who seek the slaughter of all Israelis as well as all Jews. No one but propagandists for the Arab cause will deny that anti-Israel is nothing more than an effort to kill the 13 million Jews still alive after suffering  persecutions and pogroms in the Arab world for 12 centuries.

     Those of us who believe that Jews have a right to stay alive must make sure to vote Republican next year and remember that the Democrat party is the home for all those who hate us and all those former Jews who live in denial until it is too late.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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