Jewish Lemmings

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Holocaust Survivor

is an opprobrium in the American Jewish community. It is for that reason that Eli Wiesel, who coined this word, wrote later that he was sorry he invented this phrase.

Experience has shown that no one wants to listen to a survivor’s story, not only because American Jews feel guilty for abandoning the European Jews to die in the Nazi horrors, but also because American Jews compete to play victims themselves.

Almost always, those who lived to tell the story of the persecution they suffered relate that American born Jews interrupt such recitals and claim that they are the victims because their cousin twice removed was also persecuted.

Thus, no one wants to listen, no one wants to learn from history. Instead, the American Jewish community votes consistently for its enemies.

A journalist, who is not Jewish, once wrote that if Hitler were alive and ran for president, the American Jews would vote for Hitler. This seems like a gross exaggeration. Yet, the facts are that the overwhelming Jewish vote went to Franklin Roosevelt, a decided religious bigot and enemy of the Jewish people. 

At a 1938 conference in Evian, France, called to discuss how many German Jews each country in the world would accept, the American delegate told the world, on Roosevelt’s instruction, that America would not accept even one German refugee from the Nazi terror.  Indeed, 127,000 out of 650,000 were admitted to the USA during the early years of Roosevelt’s first term. Thereafter no more Jews were admitted to the United States. In fact, Roosevelt refused to allow a few Jewish children  into this country, a measure which the English undertook despite the bombing of English cities by the German Air Force.  When a contingent of Jewish refugees from Germany sailed to Cuba because the dictator Batista had invited them, they found on arrival that Batista had changed his mind and would not let the Jews disembark. The German captain of the ship tried to have the Jews admitted to the United States. However, Roosevelt would not allow them to land. The ship returned to Germany and all the Jews, with a few exceptions, were murdered.

As the Second World War progressed, the US Air Force bombed German installations every day. It was then that it was suggested to Roosevelt that the US Air Force bomb the rail lines to Auschwitz so that the Germans could no longer send Jews by cattle cars into the gas ovens. Roosevelt refused. He wanted to see as many Jews as possible murdered. 

Yet, the American Jewish community voted for all that by getting Roosevelt elected four times. During the 1930’s, Rabbi Steven Wise was the leading spokesman for the American Jewish community. Wise was a Reform Rabbi from Philadelphia. Roosevelt invited Wise to visit him in the White House, repeatedly urging him to get the New York Jews to vote Democrat. Roosevelt told Wise that he did not want to hear one word about the German Jews. Wise not only obeyed, but went so far as to write and argue that the German Jews were exaggerating their persecution, since Protestants and Catholics were also persecuted. This was of course a blatant lie, as the Christians were the killers. After all, Hitler was a Catholic all his life. Evidently, Wise was far more interested in getting into the White Hose than saving the lives of his co-religionists.  More important is that the American Jewish community voted for all of this. It is therefore hardly surprising that  American Jews in 2020 abandoned President Trump, who is the best friend Israel ever had. Trump moved the American embassy to Jerusalem, recognized the right of Israel to hold the Golan Heights, gave Israel considerable military equipment, no longer gave the Arab killers any money, kicked the PLO out of Washington, and persuaded three Arab countries to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. Trump also barred Muslim terrorists from entering the United States. Despite all this, the vast majority of Jews voted for the Democrat enemies of the Jewish community. Already there are numerous Muslim members of Congress seeking to destroy Israel and reduce American Jews to second class citizens. Why should any future politician support the Jewish community when all are aware that the American Jews repay support and friendship with rejection and hostility?

“Tantum politico potuit suadere malorum.”

Shalom u'vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Gender, Sex, & Status (2019).

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