Obama & Hitler

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Hitler Lives


The resemblance of Barack Obama  to Adolf Hilter is so great that those few who remember or read about the Nazi era in Europe recognize the similarity  at once.

Hitler was a “marginal man” in that he was an Austrian who campaigned in Germany, a country of which he was not a citizen. His Austrian accent and manner of speech was evidently not German, so that he lived in two cultures at once.

Likewise, Obama is a marginal man in that he is of African and European descent.

Obama, like Hitler, shouts exciting speeches full of invective and anger. This gave Hitler then, and Obama now, a huge screaming audience who are excited by the shouted rantings of their candidates. In fact, anyone who listens to one of Hitler’s speeches and then listens to Obama will notice at once that despite the difference in language, the cadence of their speeches is the same.

Neither Hitler then, nor Obama now, knew of any solutions to the problems facing the nation. Hitler understood how to rouse a huge audience  into an aggressive crowd ready to commit any mayhem for their cause.

Likewise, Obama raises hell as his followers will use any means to get their “Führer” elected. These means include threats of violence against anyone thinking otherwise, fraudulent voting,  denial of free speech, the elimination of religious liberty, and political persecution.

Examples are numerous. Obama’s campaign has registered the same voters numerous times so that some can vote in many precincts. This is also what Hitler did in the 1932 campaign, leading to Hitler’s victory on January 30, 1933. Hitler’s gangs then, like Obama’s gangs today, assembled at any event featuring a speaker not to their liking. Then as now,  these gangs shouted so loud that the speaker could not be heard as he departed under threat of violence against him. Obama’s followers, screaming hooligans, have shouted down any speaker not to their liking

Like Hitler then, Obama has ordered his followers to destroy any newspaper or other publication not devoted to him. Indeed, almost all the media are propaganda arms of the Obama campaign, although here and there a few neutral media are still in existence.

Religious bigotry is the very lifeblood of the Obama campaign . Obama’s supporters such as Jesse Jackson have already delivered his threats to the Jewish community . Jackson let it be known that “Jewish influence” will come to an end when Obama takes office.  Obama’s military advisor, General McPeak, told the world that “the Jews” are responsible for the war in Iraq and Samantha Powers, his foreign policy advisor alongside the Jew baiter Zbigniew Brzezinski, have promoted the idea that the United States and numerous other nations should send an armed force into Israel and destroy it.

Brzezinski was the security advisor and secretary of state in the Carter administration. In Europe Brzezinski persecuted Polish Jews. Here he advised Carter, the author of an entire anti-Jewish hate book, who told an audience in Switzerland that had he been elected to a second term he would have found “the final solution to the Jewish problem”. That phrase came right out of Hitler’s mouth.

There can be little doubt that an Obama administration will lead to the end of democracy in America. Like Hitler before him, Obama has no interest in the people who vote for him. Obama, like Hitler, seeks personal power for the sake of personal power. He holds the American people in sneering contempt and like Hitler wants to use people for his personal gain.

Hitler’s party was called “The National Socialist German Workers Party”. Like Hitler’s NSDAP, here the Democrat party seeks to eliminate all opposition and govern alone as a dictatorship, just as the “Nazi” party did so many years ago.

An iron fisted dictatorship can be expected on the election of Obama. Therefore, November 4, 2008 may well be noted by future historians as the date on which American democracy came to an end and as also the beginning of the end of the American Jewish community.

Jewish history teaches that the Jewish people began new communities in many lands. These communities flourished and then ended as Jews were driven from place to place and finally into the gas ovens by their enemies.

Yet, the European Jews did not participate in politics and did not support their own enemies. Only in America do we see Jews campaigning for those who seek our end and who wish for our destruction.

 Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Fraud (2007).

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