Jewish Collective Suicide

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The End of the American Jewish Community 


     Sociologists refer to the characteristics of an ethnic group as ethos. Ethos is to a group what personality is to an individual. This means that every ethnic group differs from all other ethnic groups, just as each individual differs from all other individuals.

     Therefore the Jewish community displays some characteristics which are not found elsewhere. Most astonishing among these characteristics is the drive to self-destruction. This is visible in several ways and has been going on for a number of years.   

       The Pew research organization which studies religion in this country tells us that the intermarriage rate between Jews and non-Jews is now approximately 55%. During the past few years however, it has reached 70% for those married only a short time. The obvious consequence of this huge intermarriage rate is that in the third generation only 17% of the intermarried would have Jewish children and that in the fourth generation that number declines to 7%.

     Because more than half of all American Jews have abandoned the Jewish religion, this disastrous movement  has inevitable consequences. A recent poll conducted by Pew discovered that 51% of American Jews are atheists and have nothing to do with Judaism. In addition, 77% of American Jews say that they have no religion, although this does not mean that all 77% are atheists.

     Meanwhile our birthrate has declined precipitously. American  Jewish women aged 15 to 35 have an average of 1.4 children. This is so far from reproducing ourselves in the next generation that the birthrate alone guarantees our end in this country.

     The Jewish religion is therefore practiced by only a few because a very large number of Jews have converted to a religion called liberalism. Anyone who has ever spoken to a liberal will discover quickly that that religion is as intolerant of other people’s views as fanatics of any religion have always been. So-called liberals are are opposed to freedom of speech, as demonstrated by the manner in which they scream down in chorus anyone whose opinions they don’t want to hear. In our universities only those speakers are invited who adhere to the dogmas of liberal opinion.

     Liberals also are opposed to freedom of religion. Anyone with religious views which conflict with the demands of the liberal religion are insulted, ridiculed, and confronted with laws prohibiting what the Constitution calls “the free exercise thereof.” In Kentucky, a Christian woman was jailed because she would not concede that homosexuals should marry one another. Jews have become the object of violence and verbal assault in all our major universities on the part of Muslims and others who adhere to all the old anti-Jewish canards that were the basis of anti-Jewish persecution in Europe for 1900 years.

     European Jews today are once more threatened by the same ideology which led to the gas ovens 70 years ago. Widespread hatred of Jews is fomented by huge European Muslim communities, so that there are now only 1,400,000 Jews left in Europe in an overall population of 750 million Europeans. Recently 70% of European Jews did not attend Jewish New Year services in their synagogues for fear of being beaten in the streets, if not murdered. From Sweden to Italy and from Ireland to the Ukraine, the persecution of Jews in Europe today resembles the condition of the European Jews shortly before the ascendancy of the Nazi party in 1933.

     Now, the Democratic candidate for the presidency seeks to bring over one million Muslims into the United States. These Muslims are today the Syrian refugees who have survived the civil war in that country. Once settled here it  is of course evident that the children and American-born grandchildren will conduct a war against the American Jews resembling the conditions already true in Europe. Yet, the so-called secular and liberal Jews in this country support the party that wishes to bring these millions of Muslims to the United States.. Experience shows us that the secular or liberal Jews would not be exempt from the persecution that awaits us if Muslim immigration increases any more. Indeed, only a minority of Muslims commit violent acts. Yet, one man with a machine gun or other weapon can kill large numbers of innocent people in San Bernardino, California, in Florida, at the Boston Marathon, and in other places too numerous to mention here. There  is therefore no question that among one million or more Muslim immigrants there will be fanatics who will kill in the name of their religion. Even if murdering innocent Americans is acceptable to the liberals, Jews will find that their political influence will disappear when, within the next 10 years, Muslims in America will outnumber us. This is inevitable because politicians do the biddings  of large constituencies, as politicians need to be reelected. When our numbers shrink to even less than the 1.8% of the population which we constitute now, then we will not be given any attention at all and our concerns will be totally ignored. Then, the American Jewish community will find itself in the same position as is now true of the European Jews. It is therefore astonishing and incomprehensible that Jews, even if agnostic, would vote for such measures. In short, the American Jewish community is about to commit suicide by chasing after an ideology which is directly opposed to American democracy and all those rights anchored in our Constitution. History proves that Jews have always been the victims in dictatorial states and have only flourished in democratic societies. Now democracy is under attack in America. If that attack succeeds, then the end of the American Jewish community is certain and largely caused by Jews themselves.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including End of the Patriarchy (2015).

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