Support for Israel by Party Affiliation

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Democrats and Republicans:  Support for Israel and the Jewish People


    There are some matters of fact which may be disputed by someone living in unreality or under the influence of drugs. Such dispute does not change the facts but makes it appear that the disputant is living in denial because of his own emotional state. That is the reason why the majority of Jewish voters pretend that they are not aware of the hostility of most Democrats towards Israel and the Jewish people.

     Here are the facts:

  1. Every Gallup poll has shown that 85% of Republicans, but only 45% of Democrats, support the survival of Israel.

  2. Although bipartisan support for Israel was at one time automatic and certain, Obamaís assault on Israel has reduced such support substantially. For example, during the invasion of the Gaza strip by the IDF in order to stop the constant rocket attacks, 390 members of the House voted to support Israel. Five members voted no and 37 abstained. These forty-two were all Democrats.

  3. In November of 2009 Congress passed a resolution condemning the anti-Jewish Goldstone report. 344 members voted for the resolution, 36 voted against it. 33 of these were Democrats. Forty-four of the 52 who abstained were also Democrats

  4. In February 2010, fifty-four Democrat members of the House sent a letter to Obama accusing Israel of mistreating the terrorist Hamas killers in Gaza. No Republicans signed that letter.

  5. A recent letter by 327 congressmen to Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, asked that she stop the public attacks on Israel for constructing homes for Jews. Ninety-four Democrats, but only 8 Republicans, refused to sign the letter.

  6. The Obama administration has caused a 13% decline in the number of congress members willing to support Israel.

  7. Recently Nir Barkat, mayor of Jerusalem, visited Washington, D.C. The entire Republican leadership met with him. No Democrat was willing to meet him.

  8. Republicans in congress drafted a resolution to the effect that the administration must move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem as required by law. No Democrat signed the resolution.

  9. Twenty-two Republicans, but no Democrats, signed a letter to Hilary Clinton and Obama supporting Israelís right to defend itself against Iran's nuclear weapon. No Democrat signed this letter.

  10. J Street, a pro-Palestinian lobby and malicious enemy of Israel, is supported by the Obama administration.

This list could be augmented tenfold. It should suffice, however, to recognize that if Obama is re-elected, he will do all he can to destroy Israel by financing the Arab terrorists and giving them the weapons to cause another Holocaust.

Shalom uívracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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