Norwegian Jews

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Hitler Lives in Norway


     Norway, also knows as Norge by its citizens, has been a country with a Nazi mentality for many years. Today there are around 1,200 Jews in that country with a population of about 5 million.

     Norway has a long history of anti-Jewish conduct. During the Second World War, 758 of the 1,317 Jews then in Norway were murdered in Auschwitz by the Germans after they had been rounded up by the Norwegian police. After the war, there were only 559 Jews in Norway. This number increased when some Norwegian Jews returned there from Sweden, which was not invaded by the Germans and remained “neutral” during the war, although they became rich selling steel to Germany.

     During the Second World War, Norwegian men furnished a storm trooper division to the German war effort. These men marched into Russia with the German SS, as they were highly regarded as fellow “Aryans” by the Nazi government. During that war, the Norwegian politician Vidkun Quisling headed the Norwegian government. Quisling was a Nazi collaborator who adopted the German policies towards Jews. He praised the destruction of “Kristallnacht,” in which the Germans burned down all synagogues in Germany and Austria. He also congratulated Hitler on ridding Europe of Jewish domination.

     Today, the 1500 Jews still in Norway are living on a powder keg. The only synagogue in Oslo, Norway's capital, was subject to an attack with an automatic weapon in 2006. When the perpetrator of this crime was discovered, the judge could not find sufficient evidence that this had been a terrorist attack and let the offender go.

     Jews in Norway have been told by their government not to wear a skullcap (kipa) or any other identifying items in public, lest they become the victims of physical attack. The government has no intention of protecting its Jewish citizens.

     Comedians in Norway ridicule the Holocaust, and further keep bleating that “the Jews killed Jesus” and other medieval accusations. In this atmosphere of hate, a large contingent of Muslim immigrants have vigorously participated in the native Jew baiting. It is of course Muslim doctrine that no person believing in Judaism, no Jew, has a right to live on this planet and that they, the Muslims, are enjoined to kill all Jews wherever they may be.

     Therefore, Muslims have attacked Jews in Norway, in Sweden, in Germany, in France, and anywhere. Some apologists for this hate pretend that the Muslims have a quarrel with the existence of Israel and therefore attack that country with rockets and other instruments of destruction.

     Yet, Norway is 2,200 miles north of Israel. Its Jewish population has nothing to do with the grievances of the Muslim terrorists in Israel.

     The history of Norway is replete with anti-Jewish events. In 1687, all Jews were deported from Norway and prohibited from living there. In 1814, Norway adopted a constitution which once more banned all Jews from Norway. Nevertheless, a few Jews settled there after the First World War. This led to a ban on all kosher slaughtering in 1929.

     Schools in Norway will either not mention the Holocaust or use a description of it as a cause for praising Hitler and hollering that Hitler should have killed all the Jews.  Muslim mobs in Norway, and also in Sweden, attack Jews on the streets and in their homes. Jewish schoolchildren are not safe anywhere, as the population has become the substitute for the erstwhile Nazi killers.

     Similar conditions exist in Sweden, a country of about 9 million citizens. There, the 700 Jews in Malmo are subject to constant harassment and threats. The synagogue has been torched and violence in the streets is common. The Jews were born there but are treated like pariahs in their hometown of 260,000 inhabitants. Of course, the Muslims seek to benefit by this persecution, as they seek to eliminate all Jews from Scandinavia.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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