The Consequences of Obama

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Great Delusion


       We Jews have a nineteen century record of deluding ourselves. This means that we have for centuries pretended that our enemies are not really our enemies, that in the end reason will prevail, and that things are not what they seem.

     This view of the world is evident now that Barack Obama, a friend and associate of worldwide terrorism, may be elected president of the United States.

     Should that happen, it will be with the help of American Jews who are blind to the danger Obama poses for Israel and the American Jewish community. Obama was raised a Muslim. Obama studied in Indonesia, the most vociferous anti-Jewish country on earth. Obama befriends every Jew hater in America despite his pre-election pretenses to the contrary.

     Remember that the Jewish vote, although small, can tip the electoral vote in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and California to either candidate. Therefore, if Obama is elected, the following scenario will be our doing because we could prevent this by voting Republican.

    Here is what will happen in an Obama administration:

He will appoint a secretary of state who is anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.

Example: Samantha Powers or Zbigniew Brzezinski, his foreign policy advisors. Both advocate that the United Nations organize an army including Americans to invade Israel and force Israel to accept over a million so called Arab refugees into their midst so as to destroy Israel from within.

    Or he will appoint either professor Mearsheimer or Walt, the authors of the infamous anti-Jewish tract, The Israel Lobby, which claims that all Jews are traitors to the United States for supporting Israel .

There are of course numerous other such haters who would all follow an anti-Israel policy, favoring the terrorists and pressuring Israel to give up most of its territory and remove the security wall so the Arabs can attack more easily.

    Such an anti-Israel policy will of course lead some American Jews to protest this assault on the Jewish homeland, with the result that Obama will mark all Jews as traitors to the United States. He will revive the argument that American Jews are disloyal and more interested in a foreign country than their own. The fact that sixty percent of Jews voted for him and have no interest in the survival of Israel will make no difference.

    Now the principal of legitimacy will become involved. As the president will preach to the public that Jews are disloyal citizens, “Joe six pack” will find it legitimate to attack Jews in public, newspapers will spread anti-Jewish propaganda and Arab terrorists, invited into the country by Obama, will physically attack synagogues and the Jews inside.

   Once more, sixty-five years after the Holocaust, hatred of Jews will be legitimized, as such bigots as Jimmy Carter and others will gain public acclaim for their lies and distortions.

   Remember that we can prevent all this. If the Jews of New York, Pennsylvania and Florida alone vote in a body for the Republican ticket these states will give McCain a victory. Otherwise, those who voted for the hater will become the victims of their own doing.

    Of course, many Jews imagine that those who benefited from us will be grateful later. No they won’t. The Jew baiters will turn on those who voted for them and make their lives miserable in this country.

    Remember this also. Only 36% of Democrats support the survival of Israel. 68% of Republicans support the survival of Israel.

     Every Jew hater in this country is a Democrat.  Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, David Duke, The editors of the New York Times (not Jewish. They are all Episcopalians).

     The Episcopal church, the Council of Churches and the Presbyterians hosted a dinner for Iranian dictator and Jew hater Ahmadinejad when he was in New York last month.

     All these enemies of the Jewish people will be gladly received in a White House headed by Obama and his terrorist friends.

     Those of us who have seen this before can only warn you now. We saw Hitler gain wide audiences by screaming speeches without substance but much excitement. Like Hitler before him, Obama does the same. Large crowds are all excited at his violent speeches and empty promises. When he turns his vitriol on the American Jewish community, it’ll be too late.  Reality will overtake illusion, just as it did for the German Jews who pretended that Hitler would not really go after them after he became “chancellor” of Germany. They told each other that once Hitler had responsibility he would moderate his violent predictions. Even as the deportations had already begun, there were German Jews who deluded themselves into thinking that they would be exempt because they were World War I veterans. “I am leaving the fatherland with the last train” said my grandfather. He did. He was sent to the Maidanek extermination camp.

  Of course, Obama is not only a threat to us Jews. He is a threat to this country. He will hobnob with the Muslim terrorists. He will invite them, his brethren, into this country. Our liberties as outlined in the first ten amendments to the Constitution will disappear one by one and this country will become a police state in which citizens will be controlled, freedom of speech and religion abolished and terror the daily fate of a cowed population.

    It is not yet too late. But over two hundred years of American liberty hangs in the balance.

 Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Fraud (2007).

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